Trap Doors Left Open for Hours on Broadway: ‘My Kid Almost Fell Down This Hole’

Multiple trap doors on Broadway leading underground were left open for hours on Sunday with little explanation, with passersby noting that they’re a major hazard. “My kid almost fell down this hole,” Twitter user Mr_Davis wrote, showing the photo above of a trap door at 89th Street and Broadway in front of Duane Reade. There are no cones or other objects to let people know about the openings. It’s not clear why it’s open, or where the door leads — most likely the subway.

While 311 responded via Twitter telling people to file an official complaint, we’re still waiting for info from other officials — including the MTA and Department of Transportation.

And it wasn’t the only such open trap door on the avenue.

Update: At least one of the trap doors was apparently closed late on Sunday. We’ve also deleted the comments, as the tone got much too nasty.

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