Morning Bulletin: Track-Walker Disrupts Subway, Gym Lawsuit, Nanny Trial

Photo by Scott Matthews.

February 12, 2018 Weather: Cloudy, with a high of 46 degrees.

A preview of the film “Itzhak” and more local events this week are on our calendar.

The city has a list of summer youth employment opportunities, ages 14 to 24.

A shirtless man walked along the subway tracks on Sunday morning, shutting down train service. “The long-haired, tattooed trekker, who is 21 and homeless, was first spotted in a tunnel at the 96th St. station on Broadway about 8 a.m., forcing the MTA to shut down power to the No. 1 line. Cops lost sight of him as he followed the tracks towards the 86th St. station. He made it all the way to the 79th St. before heading back uptown.”

A member of the Equinox gym on 68th Street is suing after his $25,000 Rolex was stolen. “Attorney Giorgio Nicolò Vergani says in his Manhattan Supreme Court suit that his watch was filched from a locker at the Columbus Avenue and West 68th Street Equinox on June 16. Vergani said cops later told him that “at least five other thefts” had been reported in the past two weeks.” He claims Equinox didn’t warn members abut the crimes.

The trial of Yoselyn Ortega, the nanny accused of killing two children in their West 75th Street apartment, has begun. “From a practical and legal standpoint, the only question the trial in State Supreme Court will answer is whether Ms. Ortega spends the rest of her days in a prison or in a mental hospital. Still, over the course of three months of testimony, the public may finally learn if Ms. Ortega had a mental illness that might explain the atrocity, or if her motive was simple anger at being asked to work too hard, as prosecutors have asserted.”

FDNY lieutenant Edward Meehan, who mostly served at Ladder 22 on the UWS, died of  a 9/11-related cancer just after retiring.

Scientists are increasingly upset about the makeup of the Museum of Natural History’s board.

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    1. Tom says:

      Now we know why the subway escape doors were all opened on Sunday – they were looking for the shirtless dude.

    2. p says:

      I mean, anyone who leaves a $25K watch in his gym locker almost deserves to have it stolen. How dumb can you be?

      • BillyNYC says:

        You’re so correct this guy must be a rip off con-artist and never owned a Rolex. I hope they make him prove it big time…

    3. dannyboy says:

      “if her motive was simple anger at being asked to work too hard”… WHAT!!!!!!!!

      Killing two children is either mental illness or horrid evil. What am I missing?

    4. OriginalMark says:

      Let me guess – the guy with the stolen watch didn’t lock his locker and left it unattended for awhile. I see these kinds of geniuses every day at the gym.

    5. Mark Moore says:

      My kid calls the museum MOSS, for Museum of Stuffed Stuff.

      • Bruce Bernstein says:

        Mark Moore:


        and when i first read it, i read Museum of Stuffed Shirts”.

        Stuffed Stuff makes more sense.

    6. Neal Hugh Hurwitz says:

      I do not have access to NY Times online. Use other sources please, as well as NYT.

      • lynn says:

        Just out of curiosity, how do you not have access to NY Times online if you’re able to use this forum?

        • Woody says:

          Just because one is able to get online doesn’t mean they can access sites that require $$$

          • lynn says:

            I have never paid for the NY Times and read the majority of articles online via social media.

            “The NY Times loves social media and makes good use of it, having more than 250 Twitter accounts that covers just about every section and blog and every writer. If you haven’t signed up for Twitter yet, now’s probably a good time to do so.”

            ***Clicking through their Twitter feed links will take you to the full article, without harassing you to pay***

            The same for Facebook! 🙂

      • Sean says:

        Then I guess you are out of luck.

      • Woody says:

        Sure, WSR will go out of their way to accommodate your refusal to pay for a subscription to the NY Times. Or you can find the story on another FREE news site by doing a simple search.

    7. Eln says:

      The Yoselyn Ortega trial will be one very sad & horrific trial. I feel for the Krim family. Either she is mentally ill, or is so evil she pretends to be mentally ill. All the evidence needs to be heard. In any event, she will be “put away” for the rest of her life either in jail, or a mental institution depending on the verdict.

    8. Nigel says:

      It’s common knowledge that personal belongings can and do disappear at the gym. So, why would anyone bring an expensive watch to throw in a locker when they are working out? Purely irresponsible and just asking for a problem.

    9. Jeanie says:

      My heart goes out to the Krimm family. I hope this trial involving this evil nanny is over quickly and they can have some peace knowing this is behind them.