School Bus Gets Into Fender-Bender on Broadway

A school bus and a car collided on Broadway and 69th Street after school on Tuesday afternoon, although all of the occupants appeared to be okay, according to E.G. Miller, who sent the photo above.

The bus was nearly empty, with “just two young boys on the bus and the driver,” he wrote. “They looked upset but were looking out the windows and walking up and down the aisle. The bus driver was alert, on his phone. The car driver was standing behind her car in my photo. I also saw her walking Around. All were waiting for the police to arrive. I was there for perhaps 10 minutes but no police.”

An NYPD spokesperson did not have further details.

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    1. Sid says:

      This headline is misleading. A School Bus did not get into a fender bender, it appears that the driver of a private motor vehicle crashed into the school bus.

      • Woody says:

        Then what’s your definition of a fender bender? How do you know that the car hit the bus as opposed to it being stationary and the bus clipped it while changing lanes? I guess the severe angle of the bus across two lanes means nothing to you. It looks like the bus is making an illegal turn from the middle lane unless the car was standing in the crosswalk.

        • Paul says:

          Indeed, the position of the bumper on the car indicates that the bus was pulling it off, consistent with the hypothesis that the bus cut in front of the car and that the bus was moving faster than the car.

    2. Chuck D says:

      The headline is indeed incorrect. It should read :”Best Day Ever for 2 Local School Kids On Bus”

    3. UpperBestSide says:

      Just two kids on a school bus!?! So this truancy is DeBozo’s idea of a school system?!? If we had a COMPETENT mayor, cars would only hit school buses FILLED with children!

      • Josh says:

        Looks like the bus was making a right turn. Possible the car tried to squeeze passed the bus and got clipped. Possible the bus was way too far left, making the turn from the wrong lane. Possible both were moving. Possible car was stopped. Lots of possibilities. Arm Chair detectives are not known for solving anything.