Thankfully for all of us, Stephen Harmon carried his camera around the neighborhood in the 1980’s and captured the lively fashion and personalities.

Doesn’t that top dude look kind of like Jimmy Fallon?




Tatoo arm







See more of Steve’s shots here, here and here.

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    1. wombatnyc says:

      Wish I had a crystal ball – I would have bought property all over the UWS and just waited 30 years – Ka Ching$

    2. Was that Noam Chomsky crossing 72 St?

    3. Kev says:

      It does look like Chomsky!
      It doesn’t look like Fallon.

    4. Sally F says:

      Fun to remember those yellow street signs!

    5. tim says:

      Love this feature, the pics are fascinating time capsules, some reminiscent of eggleston – a nice middle-of-the-day diversion. Thanks WR!

    6. UWS_lifer says:

      These pictures are great! The ’80s were a magical time around here.

      Remember Korean delis and the Bodegas all over the place?? What happened to all those?
      As if I didn’t know the answer unfortunately.

      On a day to day basis I don’t think about it that much, but when I see pictures from this era it reminds me just how much the neighborhood really has changed.

      We should at least try to get those yellow St. signs back with that cool NY font. I didn’t realize until right now how much I don’t like the new green ones. Oh well.

    7. AndrewE says:

      The UWS was great in the 80s! All that crime and grime. But hey no banks or starbucks

    8. Rebecca Elise says:

      Hello. The photo with the sign that says “72nd Street”, and the blurry “free delivery” sign in the background, does anyone know what street corner this is?
      Thanks so much.

      • wcsnyc says:

        It’s 72nd and B’way looking south. The brick Sherman Square apartment building cab ne seen in the distance. This is the block that was razed to make room for Duane Reade and Trader Joe’s.

      • Arlene says:

        That’s the NW corner of Bdway & 72nd. On the SW corner across the street (where Duane Reade is now) was a fruit store/salad bar and next door to that was a terrific magazine store. The building looked like an old castle and I’ve never understood why it wasn’t landmarked.

    9. YoungSally says:

      Jimmy Fallon couldn’t grow those brows and beard if he tried. That guy looks like he probably started shaving at 11.

    10. Wendy says:

      Was the person, without an Umbrella, who sat on the Bench : homeless ? S’posedly, for every Senior Citizen out & about; there’re are 10 homebound. Whose children were those, who were around the old Lady ? Aagh, snow/ice on Sidewalk. I don’t like much of break dancing. There weren’t Cellphones ? So far, I’ve had a worse day than those photos depict. Shaloha.

    11. meta robertson says:

      Steve, you are the best!Mimi R

    12. Anne Bard says:

      Steve Harmon’s portraits of people in New York are outstanding. Thank you. Please keep them coming!