trump bridge1
Photos by Mark Lee.

A Trump Unity Bridge attached to a truck called the Trump Mobile was driving around the Lincoln Square neighborhood from Columbus Circle to Lincoln Center on Thursday night, as part of a project started by a Michigan man to celebrate the president.

The Unity Bridge apparently belongs to a man named Rob Cortis, who says on his GoFundMe page that he’s here to spread the Trump love and unify the country. Among the signs on the Unity Bridge are “Drain the Swamp,” “Lock Her Up In 2017” and “Build the Wall,” according to a closer photo of the bridge taken by Eric Trump during the campaign.

“Our goal is unity, helping spread the word the way it was intended to be,” his GoFundMe page says. “Throughout the primary, as well as the general election a huge part of that success was because of the Trump Unity Bridge, and Trump Mobile created by Rob Cortis and his brother Mike.”

He also drove through New York in January shortly before the inauguration.


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