my pie
The future home of My Pie. Photo by Jeff.

More pizza and assorted Italian food is coming, as a Chinese spot gets redesigned.

My Pie, a well-regarded flatbread-style pizza chain, is opening at 166 West 72nd Street between Columbus and Broadway in the next couple of weeks, according to an employee at the midtown location.

new ginas

Gina la Fornarina is opening at 2030 Broadway between 69th and 70th Street, according to Amy Pucci, who sent in the photo above. Gina’s closed its location on 73rd and Amsterdam Avenue last month.


Rain, the candle, soap and gift store on 74th and Columbus, has closed up shop just two years after opening. Before Rain there was a shoe store in the space. Thanks to Gretchen for the photo.

felix and fanny

Something called Felix & Fanny is moving into the former optician’s office 2868 Broadway (111th-112th). We don’t know what it is, but the name could be an homage to Felix and Fanny Mendelssohn. So maybe a music store? Thanks to Sandra Chiritescu for the photo.

Chinese restaurant Canteen 82 has reopened at 467 Columbus Avenue (82nd-83rd). Terry tells us “the place looks lighter and more spacious — they opened up the back, and there is a bright skylight in that room. There is no more sushi bar, but they have a new dumpling chef and some new food offerings she told us.”

da luce

Da Luce, an Italian restaurant at 464 Columbus Avenue between 82nd and 83rd, is now expecting to open in June, according to owner Jenny Orozco. Last year, the restaurant was derailed because of issues with the condo/co-op board, but it’s getting those issues solved, Orozco said on Friday. They’re expecting to have a raw bar too, she said. Thanks to Trish for the photo.

wea 96

Something is finally going into the former deli on the northwest corner of 96th and West End. One worker told Paul it would be a Mexican restaurant. Presumably it will be a small one because the space isn’t very big.

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    1. Carlos says:

      I really enjoy and appreciate learning about openings and closings in the neighborhood. For openings, it would be helpful to note what was previously in the location, if possible, so we have a better frame of reference for the location. Thanks!

    2. Sam says:

      I thought that building was coming down…..

      • Gemini says:

        According to the super of a neighboring building, the deal fell apart when the owner of the nearby garage wouldn’t sell. Without a big enough footprint, the numbers probably didn’t work.

    3. Betsy says:

      Love My Pie! Go out of my way to go to their midtown location. Glad to have them coming to the neighborhood.

    4. Jezz says:

      Any update on the metro theater? It was reported to become a planet fitness over a year ago

    5. UWSSurfer says:

      My favorite pizza is the vegetable slice at Gigi’s on Broadway at W.72nd.

      My Pie sounds delicious. Here’s their menu:

    6. Kate says:

      Any news about what’s going to be in the space of Dan Japanese and Trevi Nails next door to it?

    7. Bobby says:

      Liking that Gina is moving really close to me. Never been but have heard good things.

    8. Dana says:

      Felix and Fanny is the new name for the relocated A Time For Children

    9. Ethan says:

      A music store? Hah! Good one!

    10. lynn says:

      Wasn’t there a My Pie on 72nd btwn Amsterdam and Columbus just a year or two ago? Maybe I’m confusing it with another pizza place that was there (pre-Dominos)?

    11. Jessica says:

      I live upstairs and heard the same thing!

    12. Local says:

      The big questions is what exactly is the local Columbus Avenue, Amsterdam and Lincoln Center BID doing about all the closed retail in their districts. Seems like the BIDS and NYC SBS are in cahoots with their board members in the real estate industry, and prefer blight and empty stores. Just look at Lincoln Centers bid board members – Extell. All big REBNY members, so small business owners doesn’t have a chance.

    13. Daryl says:

      between Columbus and Broadway is Amsterdam Avenue … so i am guessing the My Pie is on that block …

    14. donut says:

      My fantasy for 96th and West End? A drive by donut and coffee place for drivers heading to the west side highway. Text your order and someone brings it out as you drive past – only issue is the no stopping restriction exactly where you would need to stop! 🙂

    15. Marcia says:

      Hey everyone I see movement in the huge space on Columbus between 92 and 93!!! Yes they are putting in the floor!! Maybe Trader Joe’s will actually come!!!