A longstanding wine and liquor store on the Upper West Side is closing, as a new bath and body shop opens. Check out the story behind those stores and more below.

Candlelight Wines at 2315 Broadway between 83rd and 84th street announced that it will be closing on February 28, because the Weill Cornell offices next door wanted to expand into their space and add an elevator. (As of yesterday, it appears the store was already closed, Amanda tells us.)

Click the notice below to see their full note. The store has been around for 19 years. A rep for Weill Cornell did not get back to us with a comment about their expansion plans. Thanks to Aris, Greg, Zoila and others for the tips and photos.


Jeannie’s Dream, the hat store that we last wrote about here, is now open on 72nd between West End and Broadway, says Gretchen.

rain uws

Rain Created for Living was about to open on 74th street and Columbus Avenue as of last week, Wendi tells us. It’s probably opened by now. The store sells candles, bath and body products and more β€œusing natural ingredients with African origins.”

Furry Paws, the pet supply store on 66th street and Amsterdam Avenue, has closed. “Getting my 28 pound bag of kitty litter home has just become a weighty issue!” wrote Laura.

Radio Shacks are going fast. The one at 240 West 72nd street is up for rent as of March 1, and the one on 82nd and Broadway has started its liquidation sale. Thanks to Allison for the tip.

The Party City sign is up at 92nd street and Columbus. Said one unexcited tipster: “If this isn’t enough reason to leave the UWS, nothing is.” No word yet on what will be filling the other spaces — none of the many rumors we’ve heard have been confirmed so far.

Amber, the restaurant on 70th street that is moving into the old Barrique space, previously said the landlord was asking for $70,000 a month. The listing up now is asking $64,500.

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    1. Tom says:

      That spot has housed a liquor store for over 40 years. I have no doubt that it provided decades of enjoyment for many of us on the UWS. It’s a shame to see it go.

    2. Martha says:

      I don’t live in the precise neighborhood of Candlelight Liquors, but I often stopped in there when I was going to Barnes and Noble or Zabar’s. It was really expensive except the patter of the owner or manager or whoever he was — the fellow who often sat at a chair by the door — was so entertaining and the store was so pleasant and the atmosphere was so hospitable that I had to splurge if I was passing by. I am so sorry. That clinic, by the way, is also a boon to the neighborhood — it’s clean and efficient and much nicer than most of our UWS clinics — but I’m sorry to see worthy stores close because the corporations have all the power. I am not sure I trust these big hospital corporations. They take over huge spaces. Will they stay? Some of these closings are terribly disappointing because, once again, something personal gets lost.

      • RK says:

        Weill Cornell is part of NY Presbyterian Hospital, which is a nonprofit, and one of the best hospitals in the city (if not the best).

        It is not a clinic, it is a doctor’s office, which is designed to accommodate large volumes of patients, which is the only way doctors can make a decent living from insurance payments. The pediatricians there are outstanding, and they are very insurance friendly. My kids have been seeing NY Cornell doctors (based in the 72 st office) since they were born and we couldn’t be happier with them.

        Plenty of other liquor stores with peppy owners abound. And due to restrictive licensing laws, liquor stores are basically protected from big-box competition.

    3. Kevin says:

      I am so glad that your photo captures the exact baby poop brown that was chosen to paint the exterior of Rain.

    4. My wife spoke with the owner not long ago. He is disappointed, but seems to take it in stride. Anyone who knew him knows he is a very affable and gentle man.

      Weill-Cornell took the space, apparently, with the contingency that they could add another elevator if they chose to. They have opted for that, and the only place the shaft could be placed was smack dab in the middle of the back of Candlelight. Weill-Cornell was not happy about the sign mentioning them, but they were indeed the reason for the wine store’s closing. I’m not blaming the clinic so much as the landlord who opportunistically agreed to the contigency despite the demise of a store that’s been around so long. The three or four guys who worked there were also fixtures of the neighborhood; familiar faces.

      • webot says:

        If Cornell didn’t want the space, then the landlord would not have agreed.

        not everything is blame the landlord. In this case, they could have done without the elevator and let the liquor store remain.
        I am sure the owner is nice person and a real UWS character – but there are some who think liquor is a poison and to BLAME for society’s ills (not me.).
        The situation is what it is.

        fyi, all co-op and condo unit owners are LANDLORDS now too.

    5. joe says:

      anybody know whats going to be at the new spot on 96th & amst se corner

    6. Kate says:

      I loved Furry Paws. πŸ™

    7. Elizabeth R says:

      Does anyone know what will replace the previous food emporium store @ Broadway and 67th? Construction has been going on for a long time.

      • Christina says:

        @Elizabeth… a Lowes is going into the space. I agree, construction taking a long time but certainly not as long as it was empty. πŸ™‚

    8. Chef175 says:

      People have nothing better to do but complain. At least Party City is providing jobs in the neighborhood. If you want to leave the UWS then leave.

    9. Alex says:

      I was so saddened to hear about Candlelight. They have been my go to store for years, despite being a bit more expensive than the other places nearby. Everyone in there knew my name (and my dog’s name!) and were always so warm every time I went in. I wish them all the best!