snow circles

The Upper West Side has its very own version of crop circles: “snow circles!”

Jay took these photos at 95th street inside Riverside Park, at the future site of an alien invasion. Or perhaps someone just really enjoys pacing around in ever-smaller circles.

snow circles2

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    1. Gordon says:

      Most likely people driven mad by the relentless tourist helicopters.

    2. robert says:

      Actually I’d say they are made by a bike folks that are upset that they have to walk in the park, rather then pretending they are Lance Arbstrong on their $500 bike knocking over pepole just trying to enjoy walking in the park. Maybe one they might actuallus the bike lanes not dart in and out of traffic. Ah I can dream can’t I.
      And before you say it, no I DON’T have a care and have walked & lived on the UWS for almost all of my 48 years. Traffic is no better, no worse.

    3. robert says:

      Sorry, that should read:

      …..might actually use the bike lanes not dart in and out of traffic. Ah I can dream can’t I.

    4. James says:

      Hahahaha, thats awesome! I stopped by to see it but obviously its already been ruined.

    5. Bruce Bernstein says:

      someone was acting out the Winnie the Pooh story “… In Which Pooh and Piglet Go Hunting and Nearly Catch a Woozle”… by chasing their own tracks around in circles in the snow.


    6. Diego says:

      it was banksy

    7. Cathy carron says:

      C’mon all you granola eating UWSers = labyrinth walker / meditation practitioner

    8. Dr Dave says:

      Ahhh, the Manifestation!

    9. Chip says:

      The answer is clear: A dog walker was walking his huge retriever one night and tied it to a tree, leaving it to walk around and around the tree for exercise. The dog walker went home for a hot tea. When he returned, the dog’s leash was wound around the tree and had therefore “finished” his exercise routine was taken home … leaving circles of tracks in the snow.