Cafe Ronda, the South American restaurant on Columbus between 71st and 72nd, closed about a month and a half ago, promising to reopen with a new concept. A menu on the window revealed this week that the new spot will be called Ella.

Ella has several dishes that will remind restaurant-goers of its predecessor, including paella and other Spanish and South American plates. There are other enticing items, including beef tenderloin empanadas, salads and bouillabaisse. No prices listed yet.

With restaurants called Tallulah and Ella now right across the street from each other, we’re clearly entering a new jazz age!

Click the menu below to enlarge.

ella menu

Thanks to Wendi and Scott for the tips and photos.

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    1. Ellen says:

      Looks like the food is gonna be free!

    2. yoyomama says:

      Yay for free food, Ellen!!

      Not sure what the “new concept” is, though. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Is there a concept here?

    3. Cato says:

      No prices because of the new Upper West Side governing philosophy: If you have to ask the price, you can’t afford it.

      And it’s not like customers need to be sure they have enough money with them, since no one uses money anymore. Whatever the prices are, take out the ol’ Black Card (or platinum, if that’s all you’ve got), squiggle the squiggle you call a signature on the charge slip, and you’re done. Who cares how much it was for?

    4. Bob says:

      yeah right that’s real koke beef

    5. Sami Beth says:

      I miss cafe Ronda :(. Kyra Sedgwick was a regular there ans it was always pleasant

    6. Cozmo says:

      Since there’s seems to be a Spanish food theme, perhaps it is called ella like the Spanish word for she/he pronounced “ay-ya” ?

      • Momokind says:

        That sure makes the pronunciation for the pa “ella” dish much cleaner.

      • Cato says:

        The Spanish word for “she” is “ella”, pronounced “el-ya”.

        The Spanish word for “he” is “el”, pronounced (wait for it) “el”.

        Not sure I know what Spanish word you have in mind pronounced “ay-ya”; a word for “there” is “alla”, which would be pronounced “al-ya”, though if said quickly might be heard as “ay-ya”. But it’s not “ella”, which I can’t imagine being pronounced “ay-ya”.

        • Cozmo says:

          Cato: depends on where you are from. in Spanish, double L sounds like Y.
          Ella would be a-ya, not el-ya

    7. Big G says:

      I hope nothing on the menu is priced over $12 or this comments section will be besieged with woe of how there’s no affordable place to eat on the UWS.

    8. Ad says:

      Went there tonight because we were too lazy and wanted something close by, what a mistake. Hostess had a slight attitude (place was not busy) and everyone was trying to really “sell” the menu and cocktails. Cocktails overpriced $14 and up and small. Menu we ordered several things and was not impressed, the $17 octopus that the waitress insisted we tried came and was 3 bites. I am all for tapas but this was insulting. Lamb burgers too greasy, patas bra as was underwhelming. Will not be back, too many other options such as Tessa, Telepan etc. I will pay anything for delicious cuisine but not for this. Looking forward to The Ribbon opening in a few weeks!

    9. Mathias says:

      Went tonight overpriced and mediocre