Stephen Harmon sent us more of his fine photos of the Upper West Side in the 1980’s. See if you can spot old landmarks, like the OTB and Argo Restaurant. And see more of his shots here, here and here.

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    1. dannyboy says:

      Argo and OTB gone?


    2. AC says:

      Nice Pics , , , brings back tons of memories. Referencing from Top to Bottom:
      1 st Pic is of interior of OTB on 72nd street (the one that existed between B’way and WEA)
      3rd Pic is of the NE corner of 72nd Street and Columbus Ave. Picture taken from sidewalk along Chase Bank towards Dakota Bar / Columbus Gourmet Food.
      6th picture is the interior of a tiny diner that existed along Amsterdam Ave. between 73/74 Street (East side of Ave), near present day Jacques Torres Chocolates.

    3. BourbonBetty says:

      I love These pictures.
      they bring back so much OF THE HISTORY TO LIVE!!!!!

      i love the Old Days.


      • manhattan mark says:

        Every time I see these photos, I look for one of me…I forgot
        what I looked like in the eighties or the seventies and sixties
        for that matter. Keep posting, I’ll keep looking.

    4. Jimbo says:

      Great pics—my father was a steady in that OTB.

    5. Martine says:

      Was the woman pictured in front of OTB wearing a hat Margarita Pracatan? She had a cable show where she sang and played the piano.

      • William F says:

        I think that lady in front of the OTB is Margarita Pracatan. I remember her well on a local cable station, sing and playing the piano and often saying “I Love You Baby”!! She was “Hoot”! Actually, I saw her recently walking on an UWS street, but of course she did not know me. She is someone from the past.

    6. Mark says:

      I miss this Upper West Side, so many of today’s residents would never fit in or survive in the old UWS. It was such a freaky and funky place, too bad everything was pushed out and away by the affluent “quality of life” crowd.

    7. Anne Bard says:

      The photos of people taken by Steve Harmon are outstanding. They remind me of a more current
      Family of Man.

      Thank you for showing them.