Stephen Harmon has so many wonderful photos of Upper West Siders that he took in the 80’s (and other decades). He’s shared a few more with us below. (See if you can find the historic P&G Bar).

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    1. dannyboy says:

      Stephen Harmon’s lens is Love

    2. Lulu says:

      Looks very similar. Nice!

    3. Jose L. Rodriguez says:

      The old man sitting with a big beard looks like David Letterman in retirement.

    4. allie says:

      Nice pics, but pictures of those people could have been from almost anywhere in the 1980s. More pics of the buildings and stores that are and aren’t still around would’ve been more interesting to me.

    5. Steven says:

      The guy in the first picture looks like a cross between Abe Beame and Liberace.

    6. Mquilter says:

      Still miss P&G bar.

    7. Sam bacco says:

      I loved it.
      so many men wearing hats
      How every thing so much.

    8. Stuart says:

      The picture of the two women on the bench with the pizza place behind them in the distance – how I miss that pizza…