Making Pussyhats at Knitty City. Photo via Facebook.

Knitters around the country are hard at work making special protest hats for the Women’s March in Washington scheduled for Jan. 21, the day after the inauguration. Knitty City at 208 West 79th Street has been organizing knitting gatherings. The hats will be given to people going down to DC. The pink hat with small ears is of course a reference to a notorious video released during the campaign. A knitter explained the background.

Organizers say the movement is not anti-Trump, but rather pro-women’s rights. But why a cat shape?

“It was created as a controversial word during the election,” another Knitty City knitter Maxine Levinson told PIX11. “We are taking it back so it is not demeaning to women. We are standing up for women.”

Follow Knitty City on Facebook if you want to learn more about making or taking hats.

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    1. TRDJT says:

      Grab ’em !

    2. Pinky says:

      Other than showing up in comfortable walking shoes and a meme-inviting hat, WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO from day one to be a catalyst for action, change, and the maintenance of the rights of citizens – female, male or other?

      • Georgie says:

        Take action… Check out Dailyaction.org.. or their Facebook page….make phone calls to protect us from The frightening maneuvers being made by our president elect.

    3. Carolina Jules says:

      It should be anti-Trump!

    4. Sean says:

      Hello Kitty?

    5. Patricia Screvane says:

      I am going and would like to buy a hat. I live on Upper West Side.

    6. Jimbo says:

      He won the election—–get over it.Just sayin………………..

      • ScooterStan says:

        Re: “He won the election…”

        NO, He won the ELECTORAL COLLEGE VOTE !!

        Hillary won the POPULAR VOTE…by almost THREE MILLION !!

        Let’s keep our facts straight in this era of fake news and ‘manufactured reality’.

        • ochki says:

          Constitution is a b*tch

        • Independent says:

          So, ScooterStan, let me ask you: If the situation were reversed and it were Ms. Rodham-Clinton who had been elected President by the Electoral College vote but not the popular vote, would you then be disputing, minimizing or belittling the legitimacy of the election results?

          And, to continue with the hypothetical, what would you say to any Trump supporters who would so dispute, minimize or belittle the election results?

          The fact is that under our Constitutionally-mandated system, it is the vote of the Electoral College that actually elects our President. Thus, winning the Electoral College vote is winning the election.

          (But you knew that, didn’t you?)

          (Additionally, as a completely ancillary point, there is the question of how voter fraud may have factored into this election. Were the presence of such irregularities to be thoroughly exposed and accounted for, I highly doubt that any net effect it may have on the outcome of the election would favor Ms. Rodham-Clinton. Let us not forget that it was none other than President Obama himself, who, on the eve of the election, effectively encouraged illegal aliens to vote.)

          As for “fake news” and “manufactured reality”, I’m afraid that the ones who are foremost there– with their egregious selectivity and tendentiousness in their reporting, emphasis and (sanctimonious) indignation– would be none other than your vaunted mainstream media entities such as The Washington Post, The NY Times, MSNBC, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, et al. I would cite examples but doing so would make this post even less likely to get past our esteemed guardians of civilized and respectable discourse.

          • Ground Control says:

            What a biased viewpoint. No mention made of Russian hacking or an 11th hour grandstanding by the Director of the FBI to intervene in a national election against Hillary Clinton-Comey later admitting that he had an investigation open on Trump which he would never have disclosed as it was an ongoing investigation! All the while announcing his news about Hillary’s emails while doing so was against all FBI precedent so close to the time of an election. To say this election was “tainted” is an understatement. The evidence and credibility of both the Russian hacking and the dossier will come to light in the very near future. Any journalist worth his salt is working on it.

      • Margaret says:

        I’ll be at the March in DC, looking forward to it.

        Millennials are the largest, best educated, and most ethnically diverse generation America has ever seen. It’s staggering to think that for the youngest millennials, born in 2000, they’ve seen the Republican candidate win the popular vote once in five presidential elections, but they’ve seen an electoral-popular vote mismatch twice. To me it’s a risky thing for our 240-year-old republic.

        At any rate, I’m grateful for the right to peaceably assemble and looking forward to participating on the mall. My mom is nearly 70 and I’m hopeful but uncertain that she will get to see the inauguration of a woman president in her lifetime. For a long list of reasons, I wish it had been this year.

    7. John says:

      Just wait when NYC losses 25% of the federal funds. Property tax’s will have to increase to cover this loss