By Wendy Siegel

A local liquor license hearing revealed news about a new Japanese restaurant, a new bar/restaurant replacing Chicojulio’s on Amsterdam Avenue and 97th Street, and a change in ownership for a longtime local bar. Here’s what we found out at the Community Board’s Business and Consumer Issues Committee on Wednesday night.

Izakaya Ida – 141 West 72nd Street

This new Japanese restaurant plans to open in April in the former home of Communal.  It will have 60 seats and will be open daily from 12-11pm Monday-Sunday. They requested and were granted permission to pursue a full liquor license. They will likely have delivery as well and were cautioned that, if they do have delivery, the bikes must not interrupt the pedestrian flow on the sidewalk and be properly stored.

Bar/Restaurant at 768 Amsterdam at 97th Street (formerly Chicojulios) – name to be determined

The new owners are excited to move forward with this bar and restaurant project. While there had been a few complaints of late-night noise emanating from the beautiful backyard space at the former establishment Chicojulios, the new owners are determined to mitigate that noise and be respectful of the neighbors. The owners, who have a number of different restaurant establishments, spoke to some of the neighbors about their complaints after the meeting and agreed upon a more reasonable closing time for the backyard area. They plan to have a bar/restaurant operational by April and will work on renovating the property. They received approval to proceed from the board.

Malachy’s Donegal Inn at 103 West 72nd Street

Malachy’s, the longtime bar on 72nd Street near Columbus, nearly closed a few years ago, but new owners have come in to run it. We got few details about their plans, but it’s a good sign for the local landmark (and good spot to watch a Mets game). It’s apparently been in business since 1989.

Hiro Sushi at Ollies – 161 Freedom Place (67th Street)

This restaurant is already up and running and was granted a liquor license from the board. It primarily serves Szechuan food with some Japanese sushi as well.  The owners are excited to announce that they will have a prominent new Chinese chef, Jung Soo. They plan to have a full bar and to also offer many specialty dishes and a lot of dumpling options. They will also focus on dishes that have less salt and oil, and feature gluten free options as well.  They also plan to have outdoor dining in warmer weather and although there are stairs, they will gladly assist (and welcome) handicapped patrons at the entrance.

Hotel Beacon – 2130 Broadway (75th Street)

The hotel filed a renewal application to the Department of Consumer Affairs for a four-year consent to operate an unenclosed sidewalk café with 8 tables and 32 seats. Permission granted!

Liquor licenses need final approval from the State Liquor Board.

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    1. Norma says:

      Has anyone eaten at Hiro Sushi at Ollies? It is always empty and I read nothing but terrible reviews. I am curious about this new chef, however.

      • Sherman says:

        I have eaten at Hiro Sushi many times. I don’t understand why this place is so disliked. I’ve never had the Japanese food here but the Chinese is actually pretty decent. The prices are reasonable and the place is clean.

        It’s usually not very crowded, however. I get the impression they survive on takeouts and delivery.

        • Norma says:

          Interesting. Some of the Yelp reviews are laugh out loud funny/bad. It is never crowded and I agree–they must survive on takeout.

      • adam says:

        eating sushi at a chinese restaurant is for philistines.

        Also, whenever you see a place that sells chinese/japanese you can safely assume it is run by chinese people who are trying to take advantage of what they see as a high popularity of sushi and is purely money grab. These places are almost always very mediocre because they owners don’t actually care about their craft

      • Steph says:

        We order delivery from them often. I am relatively new to the neighborhood and they are the best I have found.

    2. Karen says:

      very informtive

    3. ericuws says:

      I’ve eaten at Hiro Sushi at Ollie’s. Was pretty empty but I liked it. Ordered off the Ollie’s side of the menu. If you miss the Ollie’s on Broadway/68th then check it out. And that outdoor seating is nice in the warm weather.

    4. Gail Gordon says:

      When is Bella Luna reopening?

    5. UWSHebrew says:

      Very small portions, average chinese food — that’s Ollie’s (went once, never again). Han Dynasty is fantastic, love that place.

    6. UWSSurfer says:

      The Beacon Hotel could be a better neighbor by
      stopping their doormen from blowing a blasted whistle to hail cabs.

      It breaks sound ordinances and apt dwellers for
      blocks are driven crazy all day and night.

      Beacon Hotel needs a red signal light to hail cabs like every other hotel.

      • B.B. says:

        Doormen from most hotels and or many residential buildings use whistles to hail taxis. It is just one of those NYC “traditions”.

        As for those flashing lights (red or otherwise)to summon a taxi, sometimes they work, but often they don’t. Cab drivers however do respond quickly to street hails.

    7. geoff says:

      About Malachy’s, you got the address right but it’s on 72nd, near Columbus. And, if you ask to watch a Mets game, you’re likely to be taken downstairs for re-education. That is unless the new owners changed things around. It has been a Yankees bar for well, maybe, ever.

      • West Sider says:

        Hmm, I’ve always enjoyed watching Mets games there! Maybe I just went on nights when the Yankees weren’t playing? WSR

    8. Bobby says:

      Malachy’s might be the only dive bar on the uWs. Long Live.