gun riverside3
A police official processes the scene in Riverside Park. Photo by Stuart Rakley.

The lawyer for Louis Leston Anderson, who police say fired a 9mm handgun while waiting in line at Zabar’s on Tuesday morning, said his client was careful to toss the gun in a safe spot after he fled the scene, according to the New York Post.

According to police, Anderson left the gun in Riverside Park around 79th street before heading down to 59th street to check himself into Roosevelt Hospital.

“The gun had been put somewhere where no child, no person could inadvertently fire it and injure themselves,” defense lawyer Andrew Friedman told the judge at Leston Anderson’s arraignment.

But ADA Jennifer Sigall said the gun was left where children or a bystander could have easily stumbled upon it.

Anderson, 49, allegedly ditched the loaded 9mm Taurus, which was in a clear ziplock bag, next to a rock near an archway at the 79th Street entrance to Riverside Park, according to the criminal complaint.

Anderson is being held on charges of reckless endangerment and weapon possession, according to the Post.

gun riverside4
The gun that was recovered in Riverside Park. Photo by Stuart Rakley.

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    1. PedestrianJustice says:

      Recycle. Reuse. Restore. What’s not to love about this guy’s modus operandi?

    2. dannyboy says:

      “his client was careful to toss the gun in a safe spot”
      In this case, making these claims will probably work against his client.

    3. Lucien says:

      Saying it is safe to have a loaded gun stored in a clear ziplock bag, is like saying having a Siberian tiger in a cage of chickens will be a good idea.

    4. UWS Dept of Comment says:

      LAWYER Andrew Friedman : “The gun had been put somewhere where no child, no person could inadvertently fire it and injure themselves,”

      TRUTH:”ADA Jennifer Sigall said the gun was left where children or a bystander could have easily stumbled upon it.”

      This is the same logic being used by Trump. Just say whatever you want no matter how big the lie, and hope that no one notices.

      • Gadfly says:

        The lawyer is correct. No child could fire it *where it was*. They would have to pick it up first.

      • Independent says:

        This is the same logic that has been used by H. Rodham-Clinton throughout her career. Just say whatever you want no matter how big the lie, and hope that no one notices.

      • Sam says:

        Trump lies a lot less than most politicians, and about much smaller stuff, i can tell you that. That is why everyone hates him, including those in his own party. He is telling TOO much truth.

        Or perhaps you believe that Hillary really believed there were weapons of mass destruction and therefore voted for a war that killed almost a half million innocent women and children.

      • Independent says:

        Following-up on Sam’s comment, above.

        As Senator, Hillary Clinton did indeed vote, back in October 2002, to authorize Bush’s invasion of Iraq. As Secretary State in the Obama Administration, Hillary Clinton presided over numerous attacks on no fewer than five additional countries in the region, all Muslim-majority. These attacks have brought incalculable carnage, suffering and misery and made us and the world decidedly less safe. The overwhelming majority of the victims have been Muslim.

        Thousands of Americans have been slaughtered in the Jihadi massacres of 9/11, Fort Hood, San Bernardino and Orlando (and any number of attacks that were attempted but thankfully foiled). In response to such mass carnage, committed by invaders on our own soil, Donald Trump dared to suggest that it might, in the interest of self-preservation, be prudent to reconsider our extremely liberal and generous immigration policies. For taking that eminently reasonable, entirely prudent and justified position, Mr. Trump has been incessantly and savagely attacked– specifically as “anti-Muslim”, no less— by supporters of Hillary Clinton, a rabid warmonger.

        I guess being complicit in the bombing and slaughter of thousands of Muslims in their own countries is far less worthy of reprimand, censure and condemnation than is simply wanting to close our borders and not allow people from all over the world to take residence in our country –which, let us remember, is a privilege and not a right.

        P.S., to dannyboy:
        1.) I am a Jew. The Steve Sailer piece that you cited as an example of “Jew-bashing”, I see as reasoned critique, worthy of consideration, discussion and perhaps even introspection.
        2.) Unlike the Democrats and the left, I do not find anti-Jewish rhetoric or actions any more acceptable from Blacks than I do from Whites. (To add to the examples I cite in the linked-post of mine: Al Sharpton delivered a speech, to standing ovations, at the 2004 Democratic National Convention and was given a show by MSNBC.)
        3.) Concerning the charge of “racism”, see what I wrote here.
        4.) Noam Chomsky on freedom of speech:

    5. Ellen Shell says:

      This coming from a guy who “found” a gun midtown, which “accidently” went off in his waist band, shooting him in the leg, while attempting to purchase food at Zabars. Then ran from the scene because he was certainly not licensed to carry a weapon. A deadly weapon. Or trained on safe usage. What has our world come to and shame on the lawyer who is representing him. Tax payer money going to waste. Why not spend the money and resources to help this homeless person with a criminal record get the help he needs to rehabilitate himself for the good and safety of society? Are we to applaud his decency and concern for our children? Then use the safety lock in your illegal weapon.

    6. the_the says:

      Give the guy a medal.

    7. Alta says:

      It’s his lawyer, what is he supposed to say? His job is to spin it.

    8. Betsy says:

      I am afraid to speculate as to just what Anderson was planning, armed with his illegal loaded gun.

      I thought that, in NYC, drug dealers pretty much held a monopoly on those.

    9. Betsy says:

      A NYPost article of June 15 states that Mr. Anderson is a British citizen.

      I wonder whether he could be deported.

    10. I grew up in NYC…kids and teens will seek out those places, especially in parks, where no one goes, so that they can have sex, smoke dope, explore, play, etc. Some kid WOULD HAVE “stumbled” onto this gun and there would have been blood. He needs to be charged with everything possible.

    11. Sam says:

      What a city! What a country! Makes me actually appreciate the South. Here we have someone who was carrying a gun, for what reason, our pretty little noggins dare not ask, and who discards it, AFTER HE ACCIDENTALLY SHOOTS HIMSELF, in a careful manner (because he is such a caring person), according to his lawyer. And here we are, actually discussing this, as if its a TV show. Sickening. WHO CARES WHERE HE TOSSED THE GUN?? WE ARE BECOMING A SOCIETY OF IDIOTS!! Let’s start protecting ourselves instead!!

      • dannyboy says:

        But we do care where he tossed the gun. That is the topic of the story. As to why, just read the Comment directly above yours.

        If you’d like to be discussing something else, find that topic and Comment away.

        (P,S. That “Let’s start protecting ourselves instead!!” topic is being discussed on the internet right now.).

        • sam says:

          dannyboy writes: “But we do care where he tossed the gun.”

          “WE”? dannyboy, you are one person. Do you represent more than yourself here? Are you the classroom monitor here?

          If YOU think that where he hid the gun is relevant to anything, kudos for you. I don’t.

          • dannyboy says:

            Yes “WE”. Read Comments #3, #5, and #10.

            Again, we do care where he tossed the gun because someone could come to harm from such gun. We are neighbors, not loners.