Our inbox has been filling up with news and rumors of openings and closings on the Upper West Side. Thanks to everyone sending in tips.

Two new restaurants just moved in on 61st Street and West End Avenue. Pizza Bolla, a chain that used to have a location on 93rd and Amsterdam and Pick A Bagel both recently set up shop. Pick a Bagel is offering 10% off for the first month.

A new “designer shoes outlet” called Details just opened on Broadway between 98th and 99th Street, next to Variazioni. Thanks to Meg for the tip.

photo.JPGThe old Antiques shop on the East side of Broadway at 93rd under the Narragansett Hotel is set to become a Pinkberry, a worker tells Ken Lupano. It’s the third ice cream or froyo spot within the blocks, he reminds us.

The old Goodrich Pharmacy on 70th Street just off of Columbus will become a jewelry store, a worker there told us. Read our story on Goodrich closing after 40 years here.

The rumor is that 194 Columbus Avenue (between 68th and 69th), which used to be La Mode Cleaners will be a tea shop (below). la Mode moved around the corner.


If you have any tips on openings or closings, send them our way!

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    1. NikFromNYC says:

      Photo gallery of that antique shop shortly before it closed:


      I had an inkjet print of the first portrait image in my book bag for a few weeks but the place was closed whenever I happened by.

    2. David T says:

      Ok – as a resident in the 90s off of Broadway… what’s up with all the Frozen Yogurt shops??? Seriously?

      Is there really a need? (And yes, I did stop by the new “icrave” on 94th Saturday, and it was pretty good.)

      If they want to add a new “eating establishment” in the neighborhood, I go with this:
      1. Five Guys
      2. Chipotle
      3. Maoz

    3. David T says:

      Quick question: Does anyone know what’s going in where Payless Shoes was on Bdwy btwn 93/94? Next to Radio Shack.

      Please not a FroYo shop!

    4. Scooter Stan says:

      Re: “Please not a FroYo shop!”

      During a must-be-forgotten episode from 1997 – 2004 we stupidly succumbed to the spell of Southern California and actually lived there…till we thankfully repented our sins and moved back to the only place worth living in … Manhattan!
      But one of the few lingering memories is that of the chain of FroYo shops out there calling itself FROGEN YOZURT. 🙁
      To quote the late-great Jacques Brel and his wonderful song Jacky, “Cute cute cute … in a STUPID-ASS WAY!”

    5. Noah says:

      Who remembers the original: TCBY, and it used to be on the UWS back in the day.