Two octogenarians have filed colorful lawsuits against beloved Upper West Side institutions that constitutional scholars will be poring over centuries from now.

Tatiana Strage, an 82-year-old, said in a lawsuit that she was shopping at the Trader Joe’s on 72nd Street and Broadway last February when a can of tunafish fell from a high shelf onto on her head, gashing the bridge of her nose, the New York Post reported. Two staff members failed to help her even as she complained of dizziness and pain, she charged, although they eventually gave her some wipes and a band-aid. She’s suing for $350,000. That Trader Joe’s location has sparked other suits, including one last year stemming from a fight over a box of pad thai.

George Stillman, an 80-year-old Upper West Sider, is suing the New York Public Library for kicking him out of St. Agnes branch on 82nd and Amsterdam because he smelled, the Post reported. After going to St. Agnes for 20 years, a manager apparently made him leave three years ago because he was just too stinky, a claim he disputes. “The library manager asked him to leave the library, citing our rules and regulations,” library spokeswoman Angela Montefinise said. “Mr. Stillman was not barred from the library and has returned several times since without incident.” He’s seeking $5.5 million.

Photo by s_falkow.

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    1. jerry says:

      We’re living in an era of friviouls lawsuits. I’m sorry Ms. Strage was injured in the canned tuna collapse…but I must say the staff in Trader Joe’s are the most kind, caring and involved workers I have ever dealt with. And since Fairway announced their IPO, the personnel inside the store are trying…trying…to emulate the fine people who serve us in Trader Joe’s. Now…on the library front, regarding Mr. Stillman and his on again off again odors…George, bath off! As a member, I’ve found the library staff to be always courteous and kind. They want no trouble, and if George was a little over the stinky top, he more than likely was.

    2. jerry says:

      Oooppps!!! Speeling eorror in the first line of my previous post….meant frivolous.
      My bad.

    3. Maria Dering says:

      Mr. Stillman’s right not to bathe does not mean he can stink up the whole public space for which we taxpayers are assessed. Take a bath, Stillman! And if you need help, get some! St. Agnes was remodelled a few years ago, so let’s all do our part to keep it nice.