They don’t make pharmacies like Goodrich Pharmacy anymore. And that’s a shame because Goodrich is going away. The pharmacy on 70th Street just West of Columbus Avenue is closing for good at the end of the month, and transferring its prescriptions to Duane Reade.

Goodrich has been around for 40 years. In a note to customers, owner Frank Cammarata (above) blamed the closure on low insurance reimbursements and high expenses. Cammarata was emotional about having to close up shop.

“I not only consider you my customers, but I now call you my friends,” he wrote in the note (pasted below).

The store still has an old-time charm, and some great little touches, like a scale that will tell you your weight for a nickel.

Customers said that Cammarata cared deeply about them, and would give them personalized service. He’d also let it slide if they couldn’t pay. That doesn’t happen everywhere.

“In the big chains, you either have the money or you get out,” customer Arnold Larkin said.

Check him out in the video we shot below:

(Click to enlarge)

    1. LKN says:

      Best wishes to him….

    2. John Gingrich says:

      Frank is the best. He and the pharmacy will be missed.

    3. Karen185 says:

      What a loss on so many levels. Thank you Frank. We will miss you and Jose.

    4. Bill says:

      Adding to my wife’s post above(Karen185)… we have been Goodrich customers from the days it faced directly onto Columbus Ave before moving to its present spot, making it our “little shop around the corner”.
      And long ago we stopped calling it Goodrich and would just just say “Oh, and I stopped at Frank’s to pick up the prescription.” Many thanks for decades of care and bundles of fond wishes for these next years of less bustle and easy relaxation.

    5. Barbara says:

      Since 1974 Frank ,Jose and the Goodrich Pharmacy have played an essential part in my health and happiness. Professional, caring and compassionate attention has been their high standard which has set them apart from any sleek competitor. An institution that cannot be replaced. Friendships that will not be forgotten. You have been the soul of our neighborhood! Barbara Gary