Harry’s Shoes, a neighborhood staple for decades, just expanded in a big way: the store more than doubled the size of its adult showroom, adding new brands, extra seating and glowing signs out front.

The grand reopening on Thursday included a proclamation from the mayor congratulating the owners. The store’s showroom grew from 2,800 to 6,500 square feet. Harry’s also added “new display walls and tables, a unique salon-style women’s section with banquette seating, and enhanced selection of bridge and designer shoes, as well as expanded stockroom and office space.” We broke the story about the expansion here.

Harry’s has been around since 1931, and has been on the Upper West Side since 1975. The company expanded despite the crappy economy and some intimidating new competition nearby: DSW recently opened a 26,000 square foot store on 79th and Broadway, and Geox is opening at 82nd Street and Broadway in the former home of Liberty Travel. Joe Goldberg (or Joe G), who ran the store for decades, passed away in March, but guided the expansion before he died. Third-generation owner Robert Goldberg now runs the store.

“It’s a totally different store, more customer-service-friendly, a whole new layout. We really enhanced the customer experience,” said Ellie Simpson, a manager at the store.

A photo of the store’s old facade is below.

Have you been in yet? Let us know your impressions in the comments.

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Thanks to Phil Vasquez for the photos. Old Harry’s facade photo by Ed Yourdon via flickr.

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    1. Cato says:

      I’ve never been a big fan of Harry’s — overpriced and hurryup-hurryup-buy service — but I’ll be the first to express gratitude that it’s not another bank or Duane Reade.

      Yet, anyway.

    2. jerry says:

      I agree with Cato. It is good to have Harry’s on the UWS. But – the competetion is fierce, primarily because of DSW, just down the road. And, of course, if you want a great shoe store, try Macy’s on 34th. I used to shop in exclusively the nabe (including Harry’s), but the selection and prices for men’s shoes at Macy’s are the best I’ve found.

    3. westSider says:

      Is the enlarged store a legal violation of yet another misguided by the mentally challenged Gale Brewer?

      She outlawed big stores along the avenues , in the name of stopping banks and Duane Reades, but of course it makes illegal successful local stores that expand , such as Harrys, Zabars, Fairway, etc. another tone deaf, poorly thought out law by Gale.

      also, I remember Gale saying the stores could expand upstairs to the 2nd floor instead of just the retail.

      Uhhh, Gale the 2nd floor would mostly be apartments, no?
      and those lowest floors would be the most Affordable, no?
      So, you are pushing to loose additinional affordable houisng in yet another foolish law.

      Please Gale, withdraw from office, you services are no longer required.

      thank you

      • Amy says:

        Bill, check your spelling and your attitude. Gale
        has devoted much energy helping the West Side!

        • jamal P. says:

          Gale’s has devoted energy. That is true. Sadly, it is mostly misguided, with little or no understanding of how the real world actually works and the realities of life in 2012.

          She needs to leave office as soon as possible.

      • anon says:

        I was thinking the same thing. Following the new zoning laws, would Harry’s be allowed to expand like this? And if not, isn’t that kind of a ridiculous rule?

      • Elias Friedman says:

        That’s EXACTLY what I was thinking as I read this! An expansion exactly like this is not legal under the new proposed zoning regs, but I guess Harry’s beat it under the wire. And to all those people who actually want such a stupid, business killing ordinance in the name of stopping “Banks and Duane Reade” – all those places are making money , so your neighbors are voting with their wallets and obviously disagree with you!

        • westSider says:

          It is a good think Mr. Macy or Mr. Bloomingdale did not have Gale Brewer to protect the citizens from retail expansion by taxpaying, job creating, street cleaning stores.

    4. MPD310 says:

      i agree with Cato! I do hope the new Harry’s succeeds. The key will be in the customer service, though. I shop where people are nice and helpful, I’d rather support a local than save a few dollars (yes, I realize I’m very lucky to be able to make that my choice). Harry’s adult shoe store never struck me as helpful and the styles were not stylish enough for my taste. Hopefully that will change. Harry’s for kids is another story, love that place.