At Police Meeting, Talk of Youth Robberies, Homelessness, Losses, and a Major Retirement

The 20th Precinct community council meeting Monday night was proceeding as expected, when Deputy Inspector Timothy Malin dropped a … Read the rest of this entry >>

Police Commander Tries to Reassure West Siders About Crime and Homelessness; Crime is Down But People Say ‘I Feel Unsafe’

The crowd was larger than usual at Monday night's 20th Precinct Community Council meeting, held at the precinct house at 120 West 82nd Street, near Colu … Read the rest of this entry >>

Suspected ‘Lookout’ in Scaffolding Assault Arrested

The alleged “lookout” in the assault and attempted robbery of a 57-year-old woman, in a scaffolding tunnel on Amsterdam Avenue between 68th and 69th St … Read the rest of this entry >>

Three Dramatic Crimes Show 20th Precinct ‘Does Not Currently Have Adequate Resources,’ Assemblymember Says

Three crimes shocked the Upper West Side in the past two weeks, and led New York State Assemblymember Linda Rosenthal to request that 25 police offic … Read the rest of this entry >>

20th Precinct ‘Pouring All of Our Resources’ Into Finding Perps in Sucker-Punch Assault; Public Meeting Next Monday

The NYPD 20th Precinct detective squad is focused on finding four people in connection with the assault and attempted robbery of a 57-year-old woman … Read the rest of this entry >>

Cell Phone Scam Alert: Be Wary of Strangers Wanting to Borrow Your Phone

Good Upper West Siders as we are, we wouldn't leave a fellow New Yorker in distress stranded, would we? Especially when they are suffering one of the worst luxury proble … Read the rest of this entry >>

20th Precinct Combines Legwork and Technology to Locate Missing Tourist With Alzheimer’s

The first tweet was sent by the NYPD 20th Precinct at 2:11 p.m., Thur … Read the rest of this entry >>

Man Flashing Gun at M11 Bus Driver Arrested By 20th Precinct Cops

Quick action Friday morning by an MTA M11 bus driver and NYPD officers from the 20th Precinct may have prevented a tra … Read the rest of this entry >>

Talking Karma, Redemption and Reinvention with 20th Precinct ‘Treasure’ Yvonne Boyce

Nobody wants to have a reason to be at the 20th Precinct during the wee hours. But should you find yourself there, you’re more likely to be greeted by police administrative aide Yvonne Boyce than a uniformed off … Read the rest of this entry >>

Woman Knocked Down, Groped in Riverside Park

A local woman's typical evening walk with her pit bull through Riverside Park turned into a frightening struggle against an assailant around 10 p.m. Wednesday night, she tell … Read the rest of this entry >>

Gun-Toting Thief Swiped $150 Worth of Cold Medicine From Duane Reade, Police Say

Police are looking for the man shown in surveillance footage above and below because they say he stole a large amount of cold medicin … Read the rest of this entry >>

Police Chief Comes to UWS, Answers Questions About Gun Control, Bikes and Marijuana

NYPD Commissioner James P. O’Neill found a full house on a recent visit to a Community Council meeting at the 20th Precinct on the Upper West … Read the rest of this entry >>

Gunman Robs Duane Reade

A man armed with a gun robbed the Duane Reade at 2025 Broadway around 4:36 a.m. Thursday mo … Read the rest of this entry >>

Car Break-Ins Spike in Sections of the UWS; Too Many Tasty Valuables are Visible, Police Say

Although overall reported crime continues to plummet across the Upper West Side, car break-ins are way up in the 20th Precinct, Deputy Inspector Timothy Malin told attendees at the 20th Prec … Read the rest of this entry >>

NYPD: ‘Phenomenal’ Decrease in Upper West Side Crime Rates

Of the 77 precincts in New York City, the 20th Precinct has shown the largest decline in crime – year to date – compared to 2018, Deputy Inspector Timothy Malin announced at Monday night's Community Council Mee … Read the rest of this entry >>

Woman Who Left $10,000 on UWS Subway Platform Calls Good Samaritan ‘A Golden Person’

On Thursday afternoon, Aiya Tulemaganbetova expressed her gratitude toward the man who saved her Chri … Read the rest of this entry >>

A Christmas Miracle! Upper West Sider Finds, Returns Bag Containing $10,000

Ho, ho, holy Good Samaritan Santa! He saw something – something that could stuff a whole lotta stockings – and said someth … Read the rest of this entry >>

Chase Bank Robbed on Monday Morning

A man robbed the Chase Bank at 73rd and Broadway on Monday morning around 10:10am, fleeing the scene with approximately $1700, police said. No weapon was displayed during the incident; the robber passed a no … Read the rest of this entry >>

NYPD Warns of Emerging UWS Theft Trends, Gives Update on Two Sisters Found Near Hudson

The NYPD is warning Upper West Siders to take extra measures to secure their belongings, following recent reports of theft at local gyms and movie thea … Read the rest of this entry >>

Wild Tale of Kidnapping Preceded Dramatic Fire Escape Arrest

"This is a gunpoint abduction with an element of extortion to it, that spanned the city from one borough to the next and ended with a police chase that went up the side of a building. Thankfully nobody was h … Read the rest of this entry >>