Technology and Old-Fashioned Shoe Leather Came Together In Window-Smash Arrest

By Carol Tannenhauser

Here is a firsthand account by Captain Neil Zuber, commander of the 20th Precinct, of the capture of the man who allegedly smashed the windows of the ABC Eyewitness News studio, on Columbus Avenue and 66th Street, by throwing rocks at them on Wednesday afternoon. By Thursday afternoon, the man was in custody. The commander portrayed the arrest as “a lot less dramatic than our e-bike robberies.

After the Criminal Mischief at ABC Studios was reported, we began our usual procedures. The sector officers began canvassing for video surveillance that would catch the incident, and referred the case to the Detective Squad. The Neighborhood Coordination Officers began a ‘Companion Case’ and performed an extended video canvass. This resulted in the excellent images we used for the Wanted Flyer, and the Detectives investigation quickly led to a positive identification of the individual.

Today, when Officers Etter and Solis came to work, they received an update on the case and were briefed on the identification. When they went on patrol it was just a matter of good, old-fashioned police work. They recognized the individual from the flyer, stopped him to verify his identity, and arrested him without incident.

It turns out that (on Thursday) Detectives in the 10th Pct also identified him for a similar case involving the media. So, Officers Etter and Solis actually closed a pattern.

We don’t know any motive at this time. He has several recent arrests for Criminal Mischief downtown that coincide with the recent unrest. Right after we arrested him, we also learned that a separate investigation into an attack on on-air newscasters had led to a positive ID on him as well, thanks in part to our wanted flyer.

He still hasn’t been arraigned, so I don’t think we can share his name yet. Ordinarily, if we had published his wanted flyer with the name on it, it wouldn’t have been an issue, but the guys caught him too quickly!

We always tout our improvements in technology, and they certainly help, but none of it will make a difference without alert and experienced officers doing the hands-on, day-to-day work. It’s what we do.

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    1. Carlos says:

      Great work and thank you for sharing! What is he being charged with and what is the typical penalty for that crime? Hopefully he won’t be immediately back on the street and reversing all of your hard work.

      Thanks again!

    2. ben says:

      Well done! One hoodlum at a time.

    3. Jerry says:

      Here’s hoping this person’s physical attacks on the media do not have anything to do with our current president’s verbal attacks on the media (including calling the media the “enemy of the people”).

    4. LK says:

      Key to the article is this:
      “We don’t know any motive at this time. He has several recent arrests for Criminal Mischief downtown that coincide with the recent unrest. ”
      How many arrests need to happen in order to hold him without bail? I understand that he promised to be in court, but is the damage that he is causing between the first arrest ( or second ) and the court appearance not a cause for concern?

    5. tailfins says:

      Thanks to the police for their work, and to WSR for writing this.

      Much of the news now is about what happens when policing goes wrong. It’s good to get the local angle as well. I think articles like this one show how individual officers are working hard to make a difference for our area.

      I also very much appreciate Captain Zuber’s efforts to reach out to the community. I don’t think every police captain sees this kind of outreach as a core part of their job. But, the reality is that policing is a community effort, and by connecting with the community, Captain Zuber is building a support network that he can tap into when his officers need.

    6. Joey says:

      Good work POS Etter & Solis.
      Put em in Anti Crime

    7. Joseph Friedman says:

      Great work NYPD and Officers Etter and Solis.
      Thank you from an Upper West Sider.

    8. The Truth says:

      Great work by our hero cops. Let’s get rid of DeBlasio and let NY’s finest do what they do best before all the criminals ruin what’s left of this great city.

    9. Me says:

      We Love the NYPD!!!! Thank you for protecting us.

    10. 92nd Street says:

      Well done!

      Next project:


      I’ve seen it everyday during the Summer, it is insane.

      Thank you

    11. JS says:

      Great article Carol and great work by NYPD.

    12. Viola Kanevsky says:

      Thank you Officers Etter and Solis!!!the community very much appreciates your dedication and hard work. Be safe and healthy!