Photos: A Visible Difference to 9/11 Ceremonies This Year

Stephen Harmon walked around the neighborhood to chronicle 9/11 remembrances on Friday. At Lincoln Center, the annual Table of Silence dance and music project was behind barricades and performers wore masks, but the emotional performance still drew a crowd. See a tape of the performance here.

And police officers stood at attention for a memorial service on 60th Street and Central Park West, near a transit precinct headquarters, to commemorate the day.

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    1. ben says:

      We will never forget.

    2. Thank you to photographer Steve Harmon for these touching photos of the memorial services of 9/11 19 yrs. ago today.

    3. It is hard to believe that 19 years have past since the tragic loss of so many innocent lives in the bombings of the Twin Towers in NYC. It is through these deeply sensitive photographs taken by eye witnesses and those whose fate it was to be present on that horrific day in history, that we will continue to mourn and never, ever, forget

    4. UWS Friends and family W. 80th St. says:

      As we mark the 19th anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks, my sincere hope and prayer is that the memories of that horrific day will spark in all New Yorkers a renewal of the spirit that came after it – not just to treat each other with the respect and kindness we all deserve, but to face the daunting challenges of today with the same resolve we did nearly two decades ago.

      We will never forget 🙏

    5. Carolina Jules says:

      We will never forget 🙏

    6. chuck HAZELCORN says:

      I lost my son on 9/11 and am always appreciative of the annual 9/11 ceremony. We will never forget that tragedy.

    7. Ann says:

      Just want everyone in NYC to know that all across America, 9/11 was remembered with tears and sadness for the horror of that day, and with honor and respect for all the first responders. From Carmel Valley, CA to Steamboat Springs, CO, to Eden, Wisconsin, we salute you and we will never forget.

    8. Anne Bard says:

      Great to see more excellent work by Stephen Harmon.
      He possesses a unique ability to capture the spirit
      New York.