Police Say Vandal in ‘Punisher’ Shirt Smashed Windows at Eyewitness News Studio

Police are looking for the man pictured above in a shirt with the Punisher cartoon logo for allegedly throwing rocks through the windows at the Eyewitness News studio on Columbus Avenue and 66th Street.

The rocks were thrown during the station’s newscast around noon on Wednesday. No one was injured, according to WABC.

The large windows allow people to look directly in on the studio, and there’s a ticker above showing stories or promos.

Update: police say they’ve arrested the perpetrator.

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    1. Blue lights says:

      They will get him!

    2. Robert says:

      Perhaps he is wanted in other cases also.

    3. Lisa says:

      Not wearing a mask – says it all.

    4. Roflo says:

      Get him and lock him up

    5. jill says:

      they’ll catch him – no mask is easier to identify him!

    6. Ted L says:

      Question: How do you punish a vandal?

      Jail? But will he do it again after serving his time, upon release?

      What was the cause?

      • bidenot says:

        Punish him by having him watch & listen to middle class Joe give a 40 minutes speech to a crowd of 27 people.

    7. David Rapkin says:

      mental health issues will be a significant result of the pandemic

    8. Jean Luke says:

      Great work by the NYPD. Amazing though how the crime and quality of life on UWS continues to decline. I remember the good old days when the only thing people had to complain about was the height of 200 Amsterdam Ave. Hopefully this guy gets locked up for years.

    9. With that scowl & shirt, he actually looks like a Vandal, straight out of Central Casting, or… maybe a Visigoth.

      Glad they caught him; that’s an iconic location, where real people work hard & obviously don’t need a rock thrown through their window, which will, at the very least, screw up their timing. (a TV veteran…)

    10. Senior says:

      Thank you 20th precinct..

    11. Monica says:

      Great job Officers Etter & Solis!! The neighborhood thanks you for a job well done!