Bank Street Bookstore Continues a Going-Out-Of-Business Sale Outside Its Doors

Bank Street Bookstore at 2780 Broadway at 107th Street was supposed to close for good last month, but it’s still running its going-out-of-business sale outside the store. In fact, they’ll be selling items for over two more weeks, and people can also make appointment to shop in the store.

Bankstreet announced in July that they’d be closing after 50 years, in part because social distancing rules made it too hard to stay open.

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    1. Kim says:

      so sad to loose this books store on the UWS.

    2. Lady Di says:

      it is heart-breaking to see so many wonderful books, creative toys and the like on sale at incredible prices. I purchased a book and a tote for the paltry sum of $5.00 (i’m on a very limited income, not a 6-figure salary, or I would have bought much more); any support for them will make you feel that you did a good deed!