The Upper West Side’s One Mall Reopens; Amazon Books, Lululemon and Other Shops Open

The Shops pre-pandemic.

The Shops at Columbus Circle opened again on Wednesday after malls in the city were given permission to open. There are several new rules that people will have to follow. Masks are mandatory, and social distancing is too — on escalators, for instance, you must be at least three steps away from the person in front of you. There’s even rules about bathroom use. See all the rules here.

Hours have been modified too — it’s open all week from 11 a.m. until 7 p.m.

The list of stores that are open includes Amazon Books, Lululemon, and Williams-Sonoma. See the full list here.

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    1. That’s our mall?? And I thought it was a gated community strictly for the chi chi, w/a Whole Paycheck in the basement to shake yer very last coins loose!

      I thought I’d need at least a Gold Card + my 1040 in hand to flash the guards before entry…

      Still happy they’re open, though… does this mean the Target nearby that was supposed to open around the same time as the Great Pyramid at Giza may also open sometime during this millennium? That could actually work!

      • Buddy Revell says:

        Where does all the insecurity come from in posts like this? We get it, corporations are evil and yuppies that shop at Whole Foods are scum….

        • Julie says:

          Literally. It’s really weird. Get that checked in therapy. By the way, Fairway is more expensive than Wholefoods for many, many items

        • BLM ALM says:

          Yeah, wow. Sounds like sadness or anger.

          Regarding the article, I’m thrilled the lower UWS is coming back to life!

        • UWS78 says:

          It really must be tiring to carry around so much free floating anger all the time. Whole Foods isn’t even expensive anymore. The real “whole paycheck” is 2x marked up Gristedes which somehow seems to still draw a customer base besides being dirty, low quality, and overpriced in a neighborhood flooded with grocery options.

        • Chuck says:

          I do not think you require more than $10 to bring something home from H&M. Really. Lighten up.

        • donna z says:

          where should people shop??… gross associated, which is more expensive than whole foods, or c town which is disgusting?..

      • Leon says:

        Why do you have to be so snarky and negative? Don’t shop there if you don’t like it. The public areas are open to all and offer beautiful views of the park. There are musical performance spaces that offer reasonably priced programming that my children love. And the tax dollars it generates help pay for schools, police, fire, parks, homeless shelters, etc.

        Your divisive negativity is no different than the Us vs. Them garbage that comes out of Trump’s mouth every day.

        Gray skies are gonna clear up. Put on a happy face!

      • Mark says:

        Ugh – what bunch of drivel. Gimme a break.

      • Give-It-a-Rest says:

        THANK YOU to all the commenters above who saved many of us the time to reply to that poster’s class-baiting snarkiness!
        All of this “Animal Farm”-like bleating of ‘Wealthy People Baaa–aaa–ddd, Poor People Goo-oooo-oood’ is getting tiresome!
        WHO supports NYC’s great open-to-all institutions like Central Park, Riverside Park, Washington Square Park, the public libraries, major museums like The Met, and even the public spaces like Hudson Yards, with its totally-free-to-enjoy architecture plus “The Vessel”, etc.

      • Sarah says:

        This guy is a little over the top but my God it’s embarrassing to watch UWSers rush to defend wealth.

    2. Chrigid says:

      what was with all the FDNY cars and ambulances Tuesday night,09/08, on the west side of Columbus between 91 & 92?

      • Bishop says:

        Chrigid, according to Citizen app, a fire was reported on the 7th floor of a building on 91st Street near Columbus. The response was massive, and downtown traffic was redirected down my street (92nd) to CPW for an hour or so. I never saw a follow-up, so am thinking there was no damage or injuries.

    3. Had enuf says:

      Appreciate your site. Helps to keep up with street level news. Suggestion: could you please consider a blank line under title and before subtitles. Difficult on phone to select subtitles. Keep up the good work!

    4. Ben says:

      but isn’t “The Shops” underground still locked off?
      The 57th street subway gates hace been inacxessible for months

    5. Gail says:

      Century 21 is filing for bankruptcy….will close ALL stores, so another store on UWS will be empty for quite awhile

    6. C. says:

      I went to Time Warner Center Mall the other day. Completely empty. Not a shopper in site!