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As we approach the fifth decade of life, our goals typically change from wanting to have a great looking body to having a healthier body with fewer aches and pains.

Silver Stars Fitness specializes in working with the mature adult or as we like to say “the baby boomer & beyond” client.

Our goal is to make you move and feel better, which will increase your overall quality of life — and not to mention, also make you look better!

We accomplish this goal by using an integrated approach that includes a lot more than what the typical fitness enthusiast implements at any age. Most people go to the gym and work on strength, typically in a seated position, do a bit of cardio, and maybe stretch. This approach is better than nothing, but still not very effective for improving one’s functional capacity or improving overall quality of life.

Although improving strength is obviously very important, it is not the only thing that should be worked on. For example, climbing up steps requires not only leg strength, but core strength, flexibility, balance and coordination. This is true for most of life’s tasks as it requires many components to improve function, not just strength.

Our integrated approach incorporates several key components such as proper posture, balance training, flexibility/mobility increasing stability around the most vulnerable joints, strength, power, speed, agility, quickness, cardiovascular endurance and of course, we can’t forget about nutrition and recovery.

As long as you’re consistent and the intensity is conducive to your fitness level, our integrated approach will help slow down the aging process. The integrated approach is also fun, as we have you simulate important real life tasks, such as moving in and around obstacles, stepping over various objects, getting up from the floor, standing up and down from a chair, pushing, pulling and rotating your trunk. These are all activities that need to be worked on in order to continue to function at a high level and we DON’T sit at Silver Stars. We sit too much in general, so why would we go to the gym and sit even more. Sitting is a sure set up to create more pain and it’s not very functional unless you have a condition that warrants you to sit.

Silver Stars offers personalized service in a comfortable studio setting. Our instructors are specifically trained to work with the baby boomer & beyond client, so we ensure you get the highest quality instruction based on the latest research in the fitness industry.

Some of our services include, small group (3-4ppl) classes, private training, yoga, pilates, massage therapy, Tai Chi and one-on one stretching. There is no membership fee as all services are by appointment.

To find out how our program can help you, call us to schedule a free consultation at 646-573-9724 or email Learn more at Train at our studio or via Zoom.

Silver Stars Fitness
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