Snow Photos That Will Creep You Out or Warm Your Heart

Give creative people some time and a malleable material, and things sometimes get weird.

Genius! Photo by Gretchen Berger on 75th Street.

In Riverside Park near 102nd Street. Photo by Susan B.

Who doesn’t love NY? At 88th street and Riverside Drive. Photo by Anjali.

Photo by Adam Ninyo.

Photo by Colleen Sturtevant.

Don’t sled and text! Photo by Jay Dee in Riverside Park. The sledder is Shane Daly.

Photo by Stephen Harmon.

Christmas in the Alps? No, it’s Belvedere Castle! Photo by Savva Tcherniavski.

Photo by Stephen Harmon.

Photo by Stephen Harmon in Central Park.

“We were awed how beautifully the snow highlighted the bas relief of the Firemen’s Memorial.” Photo via Michael and Danielle.

Photo by Jan in Riverside Park.

Photo by Matt.

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    1. Viviane Topp says:

      Thank you so much. I went for a walk but I didnt see such variety of photos.

    2. Karen Sutton says:

      Awesome photos..NY I luv u x

    3. Kat says:

      WOW!! These are all terrific but the photo of Belvedere Castle caught just the right mood for the time of day.

      • Marilyn Charm says:

        At first glance, I thought it was the Tower of London. (I live in San Francisco and have never actually seen the real Belvedere Castle on visits in NY.)

    4. EBarbara Hariton says:

      Loved all these photos but the one of the birds lined up on Columbus Ave. in the misty evening is a work of art.

    5. Marci says:

      What a great post! Thank you to all the creators!

    6. Zorba says:

      Wow–they were beautiful and tell me how much I missed by not being able to be out!!

    7. Barbara Aubrey says:

      Kudos to all the photographers

    8. GG says:

      Hate to be that guy but that grill is illegal.

      You can’t use a grill on a balcony in NYC. It is a serious fire hazard.

      Cute photo but very very dangerous.

      • Ann Neidow says:

        I miss nyc!!
        Beautiful photos showing the joy snow brings to people
        Finding a variety of ways to enjoy it!

    9. Sheri L says:

      Living in FL now, so I miss NYC in all kinds of weather…BUT these snowy masterpieces of art and whimsy, humor and urban chutzpa touched me the most!!!


    10. christine lemley says:

      Joyful, adorable, FUN, memorable!!!!
      Our daughter Quinn&Spouse Paul live at
      94th&WestEnd–we LOVE reading WESTSIDE RAG.
      It keeps us “in the loop.”

    11. Daniela says:

      Fabulous photos.

    12. liz mer says:

      wonderful – truly wonderful!
      especially love the double row of birds on the wire & dog catching the snow-ball!

    13. Joey says:

      I get no respect

    14. Beth says:

      These are times when I wish you had a like button! The statue on Riverside and 102nd reminds me of Frida Kahlo.