Pandemic Views: Contest Winners (So Far)

By Carol Tannenhauser

Locked in by the pandemic, have you found yourself staring out a certain window, watching the world from your particular vantage point: passing time, musing, amusing yourself, seeing details and patterns you may not have had the time to notice before?

WSR asked readers to send us their “Pandemic Views.” It was definitely quid pro quo: a standout Pandemic View for a WSR mug (see below.)

Here are the first six recipients of mugs. That means we have four more to give away. Send your Pandemic View to westsiderag at gmail. Hint: fewer scenic sunrises, more unique viewpoints and emotion.

I have enjoyed my COVID window view from my first floor apartment, looking at passing feet go by as the rest of their bodies are obscured by the hedges. Older folks with their slow rolling grocery carts, delivery people hefting their loads, parents with children on scooters and babies in strollers, and so many dogs! Pups small enough to see them entirely, and others with long trotting legs like a person! (Can you find the pup in the photo above?) Glimpsing a parade of tiny toddlers’ feet as they headed to the park in a line has been my favorite moment so far. Life continues in the UWS! – Brittany W.

Long time listener; first time caller. Here’s my pandemic view. – Margot S.

The return of lit-up windows is giving dimensionality and context to what was a very lonely dusk for the past nine months. – Sam K.

Sending along a sketch of my pandemic view. It’s what I see from my work-at-home desk. – Chris

My pandemic view from my second floor apartment. The top of the scaffolding shed due to never-ending Local Law 11 work, and some kind of heavy, noisy equipment digging up the street on the right.  – Anonymous

In the summer I entered an original, cut-paper design for The Flag Project at Rockefeller Center. My design was chosen along with 193 other artists from around the world. Our designs were made into 8 x 5’ flags that flew at Rockefeller center in August. They asked us to write about our inspiration and how our design celebrates and shows our love for New York. This was my experience from spring through summer 2020 and my view out of my “covid-window”. – Jennifer L.

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    1. NYYgirl says:

      Love them all!

    2. Bobby says:

      nice pics, congrats to the first 6. nice to see some new perspective.

    3. Marci says:

      My heart goes out to Anonymous. It’s hard enough being home all the time without that view and endless noise. Hope it improves for you soon, neighbor!