Contest: Send Us Your ‘Pandemic View’

Photo by Scott Matthews.

By Carol Tannenhauser

“The apartment across the street from us just put up new art and I’m really appreciating the improvement to our view,” tweeted Upper West Side City Council candidate Sara Lind. It brought to mind a comment from WSR reader Christine Jaworsky:

I watch the crows regularly try to invade the pigeons nesting in the rooftop eave across the street from my “covid-window” where I seem to have been parked the greater part of this year.

I used to think crows were fine, until I watched them pillage the poor pigeons’ nests time after time this spring. No more. Now I am “that” lady trying to shoo them away from my window across the street.

As you can see it’s another slow quarantine day on the UWS. 🙂

Do you have a “covid-window” through which you’ve been watching the past nine months and three seasons unfold? What have you seen? Describe and draw or photograph what’s out your window and send it to westsiderag at gmail with the subject line “pandemic view.” (We’re not looking for sunsets, we’d rather have shots that feel meaningful to you.) We’ll choose up to 10 respondents to send a mug to.

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    1. eyeswindowtosoul says:

      I’ve actually gotten outside every day and didn’t need to watch the past nine months from my window any more than before. Fresh air and exercise is good for your health. Good health promotes good public health.

      • Irena says:

        Unfortunately, not everyone can get outside or be safe when they are out.

        I much prefer fresh air and sunlight to being inside, no matter the view.

        In some buildings, you are more exposed in elevators and shared spaces than you might expect. We have a small elevator. No ventilation. So particulates just hang in the air from passengers. Nobody, to my knowledge, is spraying disinfectant every time someone gets in/out.

        For those of us who are older, infirmed and/or suffering from medical conditions that make us more susceptible to Covid, going out isn’t an option. I miss my daily outings.

    2. UWSDrew says:

      Hey I moved away from the UWS for the suburbs in September but got a lot of pics right before I left. Glad to post them.

      That 7PM thing seems like a long time ago right?

      • FromLincolnSquare says:

        please post your current view too; ive always wondered how exciting the suburbs can be!

        • Cyn(dy) Icke says:

          Re: “…always wondered how exciting the suburbs can be!”
          OMG!! They are ‘Très excitant’, ‘Muy emocionante’, ‘zeyer ixeyting’…that’s ‘very exciting’.
          Why? Because:
          1. someone’s house got a new paint job;
          2. another has new Christmas ornaments;
          3. and there’s BOTH a Ruby Tuesday AND a Golden Corral in that local mall.
          Be still my beating heart!

      • UWSer says:

        There is still cheering at 7pm, at least on my block (80s). Maybe not “people” but “person” with very loud cowbells. It is a nice tribute to health care and essential workers and a reminder that we survived another day. The cheering also greatly excites our dog, who thinks it is for him, for doing something good.

    3. Sherry huber says:

      This is a genius idea! Hurray for this thoughtful reader. This could be a blog!