Openings & Closings: Jeannie’s Dream, Epices Bakery, Dramatics

Jeannie’s Dream, a hat and accessories shop at 245 West 72nd Street, has closed. Thanks to Joy for the tip.

Epices Bakery will open at 104 West 70th Street, the former home of Le Gourmand, according to Christine Vedy, the broker for the space. It may well be the former Pain D’Epices, which occupied the space before Le Gourmand showed up. Le Gourmand closed earlier this year after being open less than a year. Before that Soutine was there. Thanks to Upper West Sider for the tip.

Dramatics salon has rented the former Jean Louis David space at 2146 Broadway, according to a real estate posting. Their current location on 72nd is on the market with Walker Malloy. Thanks to Upper West Sider for the tip.

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    1. Upper Best Side says:

      There are two Dramatics locations on the UWS. Is it the 72nd Street location that is moving?

    2. Farnham says:

      A tsunami of sadness and loss continues on the UWS

    3. AK says:

      You can add Alice’s Tea Cup on the UWS to the closing list :((( but hopefully just temporarily, but Sunday is the last day for now.

      Their announcement:

      To Our Loyal Alice’s Tea Cuppers,

      2020 has been such a difficult year for all of us, everywhere. We hope you haven’t suffered loss and are staying safe, healthy, and as joyful as possible! We here at the Tea Cup have been working to stay afloat as we cannot imagine a New York City without a place to have afternoon tea – minus the pinky up atmosphere – and be faerie dusted, all in one setting.

      The 15th of this month marks the 20th anniversary of our first location, west 73rd Street. We have worked through the ups and downs each of those years in NYC presented us, which is no small feat for a female-owned small business, and we owe it all to our loyal customers. We can safely say we’ve seen it ALL now.

      Our determination to survive this challenging time is one of the reasons why we (again) have to close our doors, we hope only temporarily. This upcoming weekend will be our last until further notice. The main reason is that we are concerned for our staff as we see the COVID-19 numbers rise and worry about their commutes and exposures. Just behind that is that we are awaiting whatever the federal government is going to offer small businesses and need it in order to fully set up our outdoor dining in this weather and weather to come; we also need it to properly prepare for indoor dining when we baby-step into reopening so we feel it is done with the utmost safety for everyone, customers and employees alike.

      This decision wasn’t an easy one. The livelihood of our staff was a big part of staying open as long as we have and starting to set up for winter outdoors, but safety won over in the end. Our hearts are heavy, especially with this decision coming so close to the holidays when Alice’s is a true wonderland for everyone!

      Our specialty cake division and online shop will remain open, and we will try to get those online orders out as fast as possible, but we ask that you be patient with us as the online store has been operating with only one of us at the helm (and shipping supplies haven’t always been easy to rapidly acquire!). We do promise you that any teas ordered online up until December 19th WILL arrive before Christmas, no matter what we have to do to make it so, and that you will receive replies to any emails sent to regarding special bakery orders within 24 hours.

      Please come see us this weekend to say hello and goodbye-for-now. We will be serving brunch and afternoon tea Saturday & Sunday from 11am to 5pm, and the scones will be a-plenty!

      Lastly, let’s all look forward to the time when we can fully open again, and the hot tea flows freely from colorful pots into your dainty teacups, while you enjoy warm scones with jam & cream.♥️

      Our wish for you is a safe and peaceful holiday season.
      All of Us @ Alice’s Tea Cup