Water Main Break Sends River Down 104th Street; 4 Feet of Water Fill Basement and Hundreds Lose Power

Photo by James.

An apparent water main break caused water to gush down 104th Street near Central Park West on Thursday afternoon.

The break was called in at 2:29 p.m in front of 444 Central Park West, according to FDNY.

Journalist Nicole McNulty was at the scene and sent the following report:

I just spoke to the building manager of 444 Central Park West, Jeff St. Ledger, and he said the basement is filled with 4 feet of water. He’s been complaining to the city for five months that water was leaking through the wall and today it flooded through, he said. The power to the building has been shut off. There are 210 apartments in the building according to the doorman, with about 600 residents total. Many of them are elderly and cannot ascend the stairs to their apartment. I spoke to a resident, Elizabeth Passerella, a mother of three who was trying to get her 10-year-old to soccer practice. She went to the basement to change her laundry and encountered the water.
No word on when the power will be restored.

Photo by Nicole McNulty.

We are awaiting word from the Department of Environmental Protection.

Photo by James.

Photo by James.

Photo by James.

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    1. Brooks Adams says:

      No electricity in 444 CPW.

    2. Karl A Sharma says:

      Third water main break around the area this year. Total indictment of the city’s infrastructure

    3. Boris says:

      I blame Helen Rosenthal

    4. mkmuws says:

      Oh wow. Lucky to be spared, right on the other side from it. Did not know. But did experience weird drop in water pressure around that time for whatever reason. Actually came across the story on Instagram just now.

    5. Andrew says:

      Water from my tap on 106th street was yellow. Clear now. Anyone know if it is safe to drink?

    6. benji says:

      i live in 444. it’s absurd that the city waits until after the water blows up my basement for them to acknowledge the issue.

    7. Michael Vines says:

      As usual, Jeff St. Ledger did a great job at 444 CPW. Power was restored Thursday night at 9 pm.