Target Opens its First Upper West Side Store; Check Out First Photos and Impressions

Photo by Joeanna Sayler.

Target opened its store at 1863 Broadway and 61st Street, the first store on the Upper West Side, on Wednesday morning.

It’s a “small-format” store so it’s less of a big box than the company’s suburban stores. But it’s still got quite a bit — including a full supermarket and beauty section. The hours are 7 a.m. until 10 p.m. from Monday to Friday, and 8 a.m. until 10 p.m. from Saturday to Sunday. A Target employee said they’re reserving the first hour on Tuesday and Wednesday for “vulnerable guests,” including people who are elderly, pregnant, or have underlying conditions.

Photo via Target.

Carol Rojano, who was one of the first customers, gave us some of her initial impressions.

“Good news: most staff is friendly, free giveaway bag featured in last pic and CLOROX/LYSOL products are in stock,” she wrote. Bad: not as much selection and some items are costlier when compared to other Manhattan Targets. I went to 34th St. Target last nite.”

Photo via Target.

Photo via Target.

Photo by Charles Sykes via Target.

Carol also wrote “I did 🙂 apples, antibacterial soap and Lysol. Yogurt prices were inflated in comparison to 34th St Target. I really went for the cold 40 oz Starbucks coffee which is hard to find anywhere but Target and Morton Williams. All of the other Targets carry it but this one doesn’t because they are overstocking their Good and Gather brand on a lot of their shelves.”

Photo by Carol Rojano.

Photo by Carol Rojano.

Photo by Carol Rojano.

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    1. geoff says:

      sounds terrible.

    2. Nelson says:

      Lysol??! She found Lysol!!?? Amazing!
      Welcome to the UWS, Target.

    3. Paul on W 67 says:

      I welcome them to the neighborhood.

      Although their food section is limited, it will be nice to have an alternative to the Whole Foods or Fairway zoos to pick up a few quick things.

      After searching for weeks for Bounty, I picked up a 6-pack today at Target, which made me happy. And their sundries prices are cheaper than Duane Reade.

      The store was well-stocked, unlike Bed Bath & Beyond, which looks like it’s going out of business. What’s with all the empty shelves, BBB?

      • lynn says:

        I don’t know why DR can’t get shipments of Bounty, but just a heads up that smaller stores like Joseph’s and their 2nd store Wellness both have Bounty paper towels, as well as a wide array of cleaning products.

      • Bob42 says:

        I think that BB&B is closing — weren’t they closing a bunch of stores including that one?

    4. Madeleine says:

      Just went this morning! Big thanks to the hardworking staff who were friendly & taking COVID precautions seriously by disinfecting and cleaning often.
      Welcome to the UWS!

    5. Otis says:

      This is great news. Target is a welcome addition to the UWS!

    6. West 90th Street Jeff says:

      Oranges at .79 cents each? Really? a bit over 3/4 of a cent each? A bargain!

      But, seriously, it’s worth a look. We’ll check it out later this afternoon. The Monroe Target’s produce dept. has very far to go to match that of any full service food store. I’m hoping this one is a lot better.

    7. ST says:

      Great news! Always good to hear about a new business opening.

    8. Ginger says:

      I was hoping for more of a department type store with way less groceries. I would guess this will be like the 3rd & 70th Target. I went there to find cookie cutters, a box cutter and a pair of pants. Came away with none. Their downstairs grocery took up too much space. Here, on the UWS, we have nothing like Target but, plenty of grocery stores besides Whole Foods & Fairway. IE: Trader Joe’s, Pioneer, Zabars. In the other direction, Morton Williams, Gristede’s, Westerly.

      • Paul on W 67 says:

        If you’re in the ’60s, there is a real dearth of grocery stores. While overpriced, the Food Emporium on 68th & Broadway was convenient, especially when it was 24-hours. Gristedes in the Century is long gone. The two markets on Amsterdam, on 67th and mid-block between 67th and 68th are also gone. Trader Joe’s always has a line down the block.

        There are rumors a grocery store is moving into the former Duane Reade in the Nevada Towers, on Broadway at 70th, so lets hope that’s the case.

        Oh, and I paid $1.59 for a single orange at Zabar’s this week, so 79 cents is a bargain.

      • Devs says:

        Exactly – I wanted more of the home stuff that Lowe’s filled for a while – less food. If I am paying overpriced for food would rather support an indie store.

    9. Leigh says:

      This isn’t really on “The Upper West Side,” it’s in Lincoln Center/Columbus Circle, so it’s doubtful an Upper West Sider would grocery shop there. They should focus on products we can’t find at Duane Read or Whole Foods or Trader Joes.

    10. Sharon Katz says:

      I live right near there and they made no announcements about opening, as far as I know. We were all wondering when it was going to happen, and what they were going to carry.

    11. RWc says:

      Fanatic addition to the other chain stores we have on the upper West side .
      Looking forward to when the one opens across the street from Whole Foods on Columbus Avenue and 100th St. .
      We are in desperate need of this store with its lower prices for household products, toiletries etc. and a reasonably priced birthday card !

    12. EE says:

      Target will always price match with their online prices. So if things seem inflated in price you can always pull up on your phone the online price and when you get to the register they will match it if you request.

    13. Kathleen says:

      Disappointed so much room is given to groceries. That’s not what I shop at Target for. More home goods and kitchenware, etc. I’ll check it out, but if those things are limited and there’s mostly groceries and health/beauty products, I won’t be going back too often.

    14. Jill says:

      What is going on at BBB?I noticed much of the merchandise is tagged with an orange sticker ….what does that mean? there is less and less on the shelves. And not as much available online as I hoped. Seems ominous.

      • Brandon says:

        BB&B is closing some stores but that one isn’t on the list. The one on the east side at 1st and 61st is. I asked a cashier and she said the manager had assured them they weren’t closing. Then she asked me what made me ask the question 🙂

    15. Tom says:

      Why are you comparing the size to suburban stores? That’s useless. How does it compare to their big stores right here in the city like East Harlem?

    16. Not for me... says:

      We need to target like this upper 70s lower 80s. Put on the street level. Don’t like escalators or elevators going up or down…. not for a food store. Too many escalators are breaking down and you have to end up walking. No thanks not for me.

    17. MB says:

      Let’s be gratful that a store is actually opening on the UWS vs all of the closures that have and are occurring.

    18. charles becker says:

      Any electronic goods?

    19. Kit says:

      What was in this space before Target? I will not shop there or at any chain if I can avoid it; much prefer to shop independents when I can.

      • Boris says:

        Keep hanging on to that misplaced idealism while neighborhood businesses suffer. We need all types of business to operate successfully in order to employ local people. Stores like Target bring people to an area where they shop, eat, and entertain at a range of businesses.

    20. Peaches says:

      It’s a nation-wide chain so shouldn’t their pricing be consistent in every location?

      • lynn says:

        I also wondered about this because prices were different in 3 different states that I’ve been to. I found this online: Target accepts price-match on items in the same store where the item was purchased. Competitive pricing is based on the retail environment for each individual community and can vary between Target stores. This is a common practice among retailers.

        • Lola says:

          Rite-aid on Amsterdam and 69 has all the Bounty you could want as well as Charmin

          • lynn says:

            I thought that location had been closed so I didn’t even think to check over there. Thank you!

            • Bob42 says:

              You can find Bounty on walmart’s website for delivery, and on Amazon — much better prices than anywhere in the neighbourhood. It restocks often, then sometimes sells out but it’s up for a while usually. Just keep checking, esp beginning of the week.

          • Paul on W 67 says:

            No Bounty at Rite-Aid when I went a week ago. I had to buy Scott. Might as well have used the morning Times; it’s more absorbent

    21. Becky says:

      No clothes?

    22. Five Stars says:

      Just back from ‘checking-out’ the new Target:
      WONDERFUL, b/c:
      1. huge selection of items, esp. a great food section;
      2. a friendly & helpful staff; and
      3. A.D.A.-compliant, with two spacious elevators.
      And to those who may already be moaning about the alleged “suburban-ization” of the UWS:
      this is NOT your suburban Target (a stand-alone building surrounded by a sea of parked cars).
      Think of it rather as a “Tar-zhay”, blending in with its urban street-scape, the vibrant always interesting Columbus Circle area.

      • Boris says:

        How can anyone that is sane complain about the suburbanization of the Columbus Circle area?

        • Pru Freeder says:

          Please re-read above post CAREFULLY!
          It lauds the Columbus Circle area for its URBAN street-scape.

          • Boris says:

            There’s nothing wrong with my reading comprehension. If YOU re-read it carefully, you’ll notice that the poster wrote,
            “And to those who may already be moaning about the alleged “suburban-ization” of the UWS:”
            THAT’S the object of my comment.

    23. Amy Shapiro says:

      We were there for about three minutes. WAYY to crowded and everything was cramped and frumpy looking.

    24. GaryGlitter says:

      Welcome to the neighborhood, Target! I love Target’s house brand unsweetened peanut butter and their house brand chewable vitamin c immunity tablets. And, their house brand pencil sharpeners are pretty good too. I’m a high quality house brand kind of person.

      • jhminnyc says:

        Do you buy pencil sharpeners so often that they have grabbed your interest?

        • GaryGlitter says:

          Actually, I just bought my first pencil sharpener in about 30 years and was really satisfied with the high quality of Target’s pencil sharpener. Not only that, but it cost less than a MTA subway ride or a one way trip on The East River Ferry from Williamsburg to Long Island City. I could have bought two dollar slices of pizza with what it cost. I love sharpening my collection of colored pencils so I can color in my really cool adult coloring book. This brings me a lot of joy!

    25. Aunt Renie says:

      Any news on the Target supposed to open at 98th & Columbus Ave in the space that was Modells?

    26. Karen Rogers says:

      I love target welcome to the uws but please be sanitary and safe and welcome me with good service plz I hate how people are so rude at fairway so be a good service plz and sanitize.

    27. nycityny says:

      What a treat to pay suburban prices for items that cost quite a bit more at Duane Reade, CVS, Fairway, Morton Williams, etc. I don’t understand those who lament this convenience and savings because it doesn’t fit our Manhattan neighborhood. It’s 2020 and I am thrilled to no longer be hostage to Lamston (remember them?) and Duane Reade.

    28. Merv Kaufman says:

      It’s discouraging to know that a savvy shopper can get better deals shopping at other Target stores. This should be fixed immediately—New York shoppers aren’t suckers!