Photos: Halloween Will Go On, With Pregnant Bears and 6-Foot Poles

Halloween may look different this year on the Upper West Side, but many Upper West Siders are still getting in the spirit by decorating and planning on Halloween night events.

Q Florist went all-out as usually on 82nd and Columbus, turning their bear into a veiled pregnant bride, with an angry monkey companion. They look like a nice couple! Thanks to Danny Daly for the photos.

Mark Maas spotted a brownstone with a slight spider infestation at 44 West 94th Street. Hmm, they might want to get that checked out.

On 82nd Street between Columbus and Amsterdam, design firm Simon-Wallace got the ghosts ansd ghouls together to haunt their boss’ townhouse. They’re planning to give candy out, using a 78-inch pole. Yes, we did the math that’s slightly more than 6 feet.

Send your best Halloween shots to westsiderag at gmail.

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    1. Lrahip says:

      It would be great to get a list of the blocks that are all dressed up for Halloween so we can take the kids for a fun filled tour!!

    2. Lorene Farnsworth says:


    3. J Rosaly Guillermety says:

      I am SO grateful for West Side Rag’s postings such as this!
      I own a pied-a-terre on 72nd. St. between Columbus and Bway., and miss it SOOO much! Due to COVID19 I haven’t been able to visit NYC since February.
      Reading about my much-loved neighborhood is almost as nice as being there.
      THANK YOU!

    4. Nancy Wight says:

      My childhood friend in Maine was wild over these decorations. I myself am a bit jaded, took another look, and have great enthusiasm now.