New Target Store Set to Open Next Month

The soon-to-open Target store at 1865 Broadway.

The Target at 1865 Broadway at 61st Street is planning to open next month, according to a person working at the store this week.

Tipster Carol Rojano first alerted us after calling the store to check. “Employee told me no set date but definitely October,” she said. A spokesperson for the company confirmed a late October opening date.

After initially planning to open in Fall 2019, Target had to push back the opening date. Since then, notices have showed up on the company’s app seeming to show an imminent opening date — though those ended up being false alarms.

It will be the first Target store in the neighborhood, and many Upper West Siders have expressed excitement, while others are worried that big box stores will crowd out the small mom and pops that the neighborhood is known for. The 34,000-square-foot Target will be an “urban concept” store, with a somewhat smaller selection than the chain’s suburban locations.

Target is also planning to open a store at 795 Columbus Avenue on 98th Street. And a third planned store is not too far away, at 121 West 125th Street.

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    1. Paul says:

      Also going to open at e86th in the old Barnes & Noble site

    2. WeaGuy says:

      Looking forward to the 98th st location!

      • UWSHebrew says:

        do you or anyone else have any idea of the ETA of the 98th store? I really can’t wait for that one to open, that’s my ‘nabe.

    3. Car X Scooby says:

      CAN’tT W8!!!!

    4. Jean Luke says:

      Target has good prices. Would be nice if they required better looking signage that fits the area. Nice to see many of the ugly bank branches and chain drug stores closing on UWS. They were all such eye sores.

    5. ben says:

      No movement yet at the 98th street location. Site still sits as the empty Modell’s. Hopefully they can turn their attention there as work is finished on 61st.

    6. Janis says:

      Ooooh, Columbus and 98th? Would that be former Modell’s?
      Would love to see that.
      Also would love to see those open spaces on Amsterdam between 95th and 96th and the ones further north, where there was an Associated Market for a short period of time. All that empty space needs some nice retail shops that would maybe give some employment opportunities to UWSers.

    7. i kem says:

      This target has not been on target yet!

    8. CB says:

      Please open a safe gym near whole foods on Columbus Ave (808 Columbus Ave). There’s several vacant stores and a safe gym would be ideal.

      • Huh says:

        What’s a “safe gym”?

        • Stanley says:

          There’s no Safe Gym.
          1/2 of population are asymptomatic.
          That means
          Asymptomatic are sick, unknowily with no symptoms,
          spreading covid via Breathing.

          Naturally Our Breathing emits aerosols into the air
          that lingers up to a couple hours.

          Beware inhaling in covid aerosols in Any indoor space,

          Gyms are worse because people pant and breathe heavily during exercise.

          Most masks are that people wear don’t filter out All Virus particles.
          N95’s are better, but not 100%.

          It’s sad, but Gyms are Not Safe.

    9. How can I apply for a job at that location?

    10. L Riera says:

      Another article states store will open in July 2021. Which date is real opening? Can’t wait!