Comments of the Week: Buzzkills

“A cynic is a man who when he smells flowers looks around for a coffin,” wrote a WSR commenter this week. We know a few of them — and women, too.

re: Photos of the Day: Crowds Gather for Shofar-Blowing on Broadway

Mark Moore says:
Heard a lot of shofars, and a lot of people yelling from windows telling them to shut up.

re: Openings & Closings: Beauty Box, Mighty Bowl, Vino Levantino, Broadway Pizza

Wijmlet says:
Just what we need: a store that sells makeup to wear under masks

re: A ‘Rideout’ Rides Up Amsterdam

naro says:
How adorable…NOT. Teach “kids” to disregard the law.

re:  Cafe du Soleil’s Space-Age Seating Is a Hit: ‘People Want Their Bubbles’

ZoomZ says:
Health wise – how do you clean it between different diners? I say this bubble too will burst.

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    1. Jack says:

      I just love the West Side Rag comment section so, so much! Always good for a laugh in these trying times.

    2. geoff says:

      should Mencken be credited for that apt quote (A cynic is a man who when he smells flowers looks around for a coffin) appropriately plucked by your reader?

    3. blacklikeu says:

      Love the “this bubble too will burst.”.

    4. Jamie Durham says:

      Part 1

      I moved into the UWS 18 months ago from a southern state. I have never, in all my life, heard such whining and bellyaching about such a beautiful neighborhood. We moved here because we loved the city, but also because we couldn’t stand the far right ideology in government and society any longer. What we hoped to find in the UWS was diversity, community, and opportunity to truly know the city. We have found all three. They come at the cost of high rent, which we are willing to pay, and being outside of our comfort zone.

      • Carol Tannenhauser says:

        Part 2 of Jamie Durham’s post:

        In our retirement, we are learning to reach out to those who are unlike us, we are expanding ourselves. Who is right or wrong in the homeless issue, city gov’t issues, or the other myriad things people complain about in these pages is not my call. I just ask that WSR commenters realize that they could live in a city that forces homeless people onto trains out of town in the middle of the night, that has 2 complete school systems (public = black; private = white); that leaves poor families in rural areas without basic sanitation. Anything can be improved or maintained; just remember to value the UWS and NYC for what they are, amazing.

    5. Carol Tannenhauser says:

      I split the comment because it was way too long to post as was — and way too important not to. Please adhere to the 100-word limit.