Comments of the Week: Forgotten Voices, Goldfish Exercise, Ban All of This

re: Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Will Go On, In a New Form

AC says:
The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is held up to a standard like NO other parade in the world. Do it right, or don’t do it at all! Like the generation of the 1940s, the American fan will understand.

re: Weekend Column: One Last Knish Goodbye to The Landmark Theater, An Upper West Sider’s Half-Empty Hideaway

I am glad everyone enjoyed the theater. While I cannot promise the knishes will be back, I can promise that the theater will return.

re: Openings & Closings: Gertrude, Mokum, Fish Market

Buddy Revell says:
This is terrible news. Love this store! Are they having a sale?

re: Gale Brewer Wants City to Address Street Homelessness, Particularly at 9 Locations on UWS

Lils says:
The pandemic didn’t “create inequalities.” The inequalities have always been there, but now UWsiders have to actually look at them and encounter our complicity.

re: 1,100 Participate in CB7 Zoom Meeting About ‘Homeless Hotels’

Da Homeless Hero says:
I’m dismayed at the fact that none of us who are homeless has been allowed to be a part of any discussion as though we’re “invisible people” only to be exploited by an inconsiderate media. I’ll always find a way to speak out, but many are traumatized at the negative characterizations since being brought to the UWS. Decisions are made without taking into account how they would negatively impact us. The negative things you see are perpetuated by a system that continues to fail us. Please let us have a seat at the table and a voice in the conversation.

re: Phish Lead Singer Trey Anastasio Spotted Jamming (Privately) in Central Park

Uncle Twilly says:
Trey thrives on togetherness and bringing folks together. This pandemic is making it hard for him to do what we all love so much. Music is the last true voice of the human spirit, it goes beyond age, beyond language and beyond color. Straight to the heart and mind of all people. Mask or no mask (he was wearing one), this is as genuine as it gets.

re: Bull Moose Dog Run Is Dry Again; No Problem With Renovations, Parks Says

GG says:
Personally I liked the flooding. It allowed me to bring my two goldfish down to the park for some badly needed outdoor exercise. They took a few laps and then we went to Shake Shack. It was a lovely afternoon. I’ve said it before, this park should be for all UWS pets! How about a nice big cat patio space (a “catio” if you will) or a big communal hamster wheel. Maybe a nice pool/pond for the fish to stretch their fins. Gotta think outside of the box. OK, that’s enough ranting. Time for me to take my medication.

re: Deadline to Apply For an Absentee Ballot is October 27; Here’s How to Get Your Ballot On Time and Online

Mark Moore says:
No absentee ballot for me thanks. I would crawl through broken glass to vote for Biden on Election Day.

re: Free Outdoor Exhibit at NY Historical Society Captures Loneliness and Courage of New Yorkers

Brenda says:
I went yesterday and my eyes filled with tears of gratitude. It’s been over six months since I did anything remotely normal. I felt safe and enriched and deeply grateful.

re: Revel Returns, With Safety-Selfies and More Requirements

Jan says:
When will someone realize that there is just NOT enough space on Manhattan streets for bikes and motor bikes and scooters and etc. It’s creating a nightmare of safety issues. This is just logical. Ban all of this immediately!!

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    1. UWS_lifer says:

      Re: the goldfish run

      Up the dosage.:)

    2. BeckyO_UWS says:

      You should run a weekly column about all the anger in the neighborhood expressed in the comments. It seems to me, a regular reader, that the vast majority of the comments are about how awful everything is and how there is an apocalypse because some store closed or another opened. Interesting sociology in these blogs, and enormous hatred for neighbors. Where is the love? I’ve lived here for 42 of my 49 years and all I see is progress, not degeneration. The place changes, and generally that is the point of living in a city. UWS is no better nor worse that it was in 1972, in toto.

    3. Bird Dog Steve Bee says:

      I’m still angry at all the people who had bad and nasty things to say in the comments section of the article about The Utopia Restaurant. Why? A lot of people who work odd hours would dine there. We could go there after working an afternoon/evening shift. The people who had some nasty comments about this beloved diner didn’t think about this. Not everyone who lives on the UWS is a wealthy liberal food snob. But, it looks like The Utopia will live on after talking to their landlord. Can you do more stories on restaurants that serve and appreciate the business of the silent majority: The working class folks who live or work in the area? How do you feel about this?

    4. Mike says:

      I can’t find anywhere else to ask this so I’m putting it here. Can the rag find out why there is now a constant hovering of helicopters over the upper west side. It starts noon or one o clock and goes on until eight p.m.