Openings & Closings: Gertrude, Mokum, Fish Market

A new cafe called gertrude has opened at 204 West 96th between Broadway and Amsterdam. “I’ve just opened a little ‘Australian style’ cafe and we’ve had a very warm community response,” owner Shweta Khare told us. “gertrude is specialty coffee and a light ‘all day breakfast’ menu and some in-house baking.  We’ve only been open a few days and we are still getting our kitchen set up but should have our full offering by early September.”

Mokum, the internationally inspired restaurant at 464 Amsterdam between 81st and 82nd Streets, has closed for good. Mokum is a Yiddish word that means ‘place’ or ‘safe haven.’ As the owners note, it’s wasn’t around long, but it gave us a little “Mokum” and for that we’re glad. Thanks to Shira for the tip.

And a fish market named Blue Fin Fish Market just opened at 29 Lenox Avenue and 111th Street, just off the north end of Central Park. They serve “take out of fish only, no license for cooking but eventually they will steam, fry and sushi,” tipster Rob tells us.

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    1. Ted says:

      Never went to Mokum… it just looked too “fake fancy”.

    2. Uwsider says:

      Welcome to the neighborhood gertrude! Our 96th Street area needs more great small places like this.

    3. Amyuwsmom says:

      la Terrine is closing as well. Cited the landlord’s inability to work with them during this time. Such a shame. Such a great store and such lovely people. A real loss for the UWS.

    4. elle says:

      So terribly sad to hear of Mokum’s closing, the food was fantastic and creative.I hope that they land back on the UWS when the time is better. The owner and staff were always lovely,I wish them well.

    5. Sarah says:

      Looks like gertrude is replacing that awful income tax place? That’s got to count as an upgrade.

    6. w 71st resident says:

      Oh no! That breaks my heart. I feel like they got the short end of the stick with outside dining too– under scaffolding, behind a buss stop. There was really no way to make it work well.

      • Steven says:

        I am saddened for all businesses who have suffered from loss of this terrible pandemic we are in. I hope we can find a way out of it one day.

        New Wave diner also closed recently. Whoever decides to try opening a new business here on the UWS, a diner might be a good one to try.

    7. lynn says:

      I’m so sorry to hear about Utopia. I’ve been ordering from them for years and they’ve always been very accommodating, but this weekend there were a few issues and no one could explain what was going on. I just felt that something was wrong. May I ask where you heard the news?

    8. Deb says:

      How does the Fish Market “swerve”?
      Look at tipster Rob’s quote – it reads awkwardly to me…

    9. Em says:

      Happy to report that Whole Foods at 89th and Broadway is staying open. A notice outside of the store says that they have signed a 10 year lease. I guess that their landlord realized that “a bird in the hand is better than 2 in the bush” and gave them a break. All these landlords who will not work with their tenants are looking at a long time of empty storefronts.

    10. DaMan says:

      Mokum is also the Hebrew word for God. They had very high aspirations.

    11. Albert says:

      Mokum absurdly overpriced. Still, sorry to see a place with nice food leave the neighborhood.

    12. RobbieTheK says:

      The actual name of the fish market is Blue Fin Fish Market. And it should probably read “They serve…” not “swerve”. Just called and they expect to be able to steam and fry next week.

    13. Markie K says:

      Mokum was exquisitely designed with fresh creative menus. A sweet gem in the neighborhood. You could feel how much heart went into it.

    14. Leslie says:

      Mokum was one of my favorite spots for lunch. The food was delicious and The feeling of the restaurant was friendly and inviting. I will really miss this gem.

    15. EricaC says:

      I’m sorry about Mokum – it was a nice place.

    16. Neighborhood watch team says:

      Billys Bakery on Columbus Avenue @ 80th Street is re-opening on Tuesday, Sept. 1st 11am-6pm daily! It was posted in there front window this morning.

    17. Neighborhood watch team says:

      Sarabeth’s is re-opening this week on Amsterdam Avenue @ 80th St. with outside dining and breakfast/lunch and dinners to go and deliveries.