Artist Will Paint Your ‘Acts of Kindness’ and Display Them on 83rd Street Kiosk

The kiosk today shows paintings of lost synagogues.

By Lisa Kava

Have you experienced a genuine act of kindness?  Would you like to see that act of kindness reflected in a painting?

Artist Audrey Banks is in the midst of collecting such stories which she will paint and display in an upcoming art show at The West 83rd Street “Cylindrical Art Gallery” on Broadway and West 83rd Street.

The art show will open on March 21st and the deadline for submissions is February 15th.  Banks is looking for stories about “kind acts people have done, experienced, or witnessed.”

“I am collecting stories and submissions from members of the local community about their experiences of supreme kindness. For each story I receive I will make a painting of it, and display it in the show come March 21st” Banks wrote to West Side Rag. She says that submitters may remain anonymous if they choose and that there is no limit to length of stories.  Banks is currently welcoming submissions.

The West 83rd Street Kiosk has an interesting history. It was built in 1970 by a member of the West 83rd Street Block Association and had been originally utilized to post community news and notices. With the advent of the internet, such postings became obsolete according to G. Lynas, a local artist and curator who has since adopted the kiosk and turned it into a unique outdoor art gallery in more recent years.

G. Lynas in front of the kiosk.

Lynas who is also a sand sculptor, lives across the street from the kiosk and can see it from his window. “I have long been involved in the community in multiple ways including building the sand sculptures at the 83rd Street playground” he told West Side Rag. Lynas has helped repair the kiosk over the years when damage to it occurred.

With friends and contacts in the in the art world, Lynas decided to display the works of various artists on the kiosk. Currently on view is “Lost Synagogues of Europe” by Andrea Strongwater.

Banks will be the 9th artist to exhibit.  Each exhibition remains on the kiosk for three months Lynas explained. “I strive for variety in the type of art I will show.  Audrey’s exhibit will be the first interactive exhibit.” Lynas works together with each artist to install the art on the kiosk at the opening and take down the exhibit upon completion.

If you would like to submit a story for Audrey Banks’ upcoming exhibit on kindness, please send it to

For more information about the artist Audrey Banks go to For further information about the artist and curator G. Lynas go to

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    1. Lisa says:

      Can you double check the email for submissions? I just tried to send something and it bounced back saying address could not be found or is unable to receive email. Thanks.