Broadway Floods at 111th Street After Another Water Main Break

Photo by Heather.

There was a water main break in the vicinity of 111th Street and Broadway at around 8:30 a.m. Friday morning. “Department of Environmental Protection crews are responding to reports of a water condition at Broadway and 111th Street,” a DEP spokesperson emailed WSR. The NYPD reported that between 111th and 112th Streets is closed. The FDNY is on the scene and reports no injuries or evacuations. It’s the third major water main break in the neighborhood in a month.

Early in the morning the 110th Street 1 train station had stayed open — “The 110th street 1 station was open without water flowing in around 9am thanks to the entrance being slightly raised and higher than the street” wrote Nicholas. But once emergency workers arrived on the scene, traffic was diverted in both directions and there was no access to the 110th Street station. The city was telling people to avoid the area.

Parts of Broadway appeared to be severely damaged, as shown in this photo by Maria:

This is a developing story. We will report more details as they come.

Update, 11:19 a.m. — According to the DEP: “Water shut off at 10:10am. Leak stopped — water draining from roadway. All customers have water service. Excavation and repair work to begin. Southbound Broadway between 110 and 112 closed to traffic.

Update, 3:41 p.m.“Broadway is now open to Northbound traffic. Southbound traffic, including the evening shuttle (Columbia U bus), is being detoured to RSD at 113th St. The 110th St. station is open.”

Photo by Ira Schwarz.

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    1. Nukleopatra says:

      How wonderful to have to wade through about a foot of water to get to the 1 train at 110th Street and Broadway this morning! Thankfully, I have a change of shoes at work. Perhaps what is most shocking about this is that the 1 train was actually still running, after a week filled with morning delays due to “signal problems.” NEXT!

    2. Oh my says:

      Wow! Again on the UWS…
      Any photos of the subway stop underneath, had to be waterfalls.

    3. P.F. says:

      I’ve called 311 and they had no idea why my water was discolored. Great system.

    4. EL says:

      Wading thru water isn’t as bad as brushing your teeth with mud (112th and RSD).

    5. former 110th Street resident says:

      There was a water main break in this exact spot sometime during the summer of 2018, right outside the Vitamin Shoppe. I remember the water bubbling up through the sidewalk. It’s unfortunate the city didn’t adequately repair that vulnerable spot.

      • Eric says:

        “There was a water main break in this exact spot”

        Nope. The Vitamin Shoppe is at 110th. This break was at 11th, a block away.

    6. Mark Moore says:

      When they say nobody lost water service it means it’s a big water main because those are not connected directly to buildings.

    7. Cindy says:

      Is there a way to know if it is necessary to boil water after these water main breaks and how far out from the break the water could be affected?

    8. Richard Preshun says:

      There seems to be a pattern forming.

      Prediction: Water main break at 125th/Bway in 3…2..1….

    9. Laurie says:

      How do we find out if our water in nearby buildings is safe to drink? 311 was not very helpful.