Another Water Main Bust Floods UWS, Closes Subway and Streets

Photo by Leslie Voshall.

A water main broke at 102nd Street, flooding the subway below and causing the MTA to shut down the tracks.

Citizen videos showed water bursting through the street on Central Park West near 102nd, and pouring from the ceiling in the A-C-D subway station at 103rd Street. The agency suspended all A-C-D subway service between 59th and 125th. All lanes of Central Park West are closed between West 97th Street and West 102nd Street.

Photo by B. Steinberg.

The water is shut off at 418 Central Park West, a resident there told us, and may be shut off elsewhere as well. The DEP is responding but did not immediately have further information on the break.

The emergency comes less than a week after a similar break caused enormous flooding in Lincoln Square.

Water Main Break Flooding Street, Subway @CitizenApp

Central Park West & W 102nd St 7:47:51 AM EST

Water Main Break Flooding Street, Subway @CitizenApp

Central Park West & W 102nd St 7:47:51 AM EST

Water Main Break Flooding Street, Subway @CitizenApp

Central Park West & W 102nd St 7:47:51 AM EST

This is a developing story. We expect to have more information later. Please send photos and information (if you have water in your building, etc.) to westsiderag at gmail.

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    1. Michael says:

      Tying two of your stories together, the excessive use of road salt, used to deice roads in NYC, is also known to corrode plumbing.


      • Scott says:

        I have no doubt there’s a connection. Would love to see a DEP investigation done. I bet Con Ed knows the truth.

    2. Ben says:

      The sad state of decaying infrastructure in nyc.

    3. Matt says:

      My building had a water shut down recently due to “the DEP to shut down water service in the area due to a repair on 100th street on Thursday, January 9th, 2020 from approximately 10:00 PM until Friday, January 10th 6:00 AM.” I wonder if that was to mitigate this type of problem or possibly contributed to it?

      • The answer man says:

        It’s quite obvious it has and that was probably the cause of it just as if you would shut down the gas in your building and the pipes were 30 to 50 years old you would have to put in all brand new pipes.
        The pressure from water or gas expands the pipes over years.
        They do not shrink.

    4. Isabelle says:

      This is a frequent event on the UWS. There were two main breaks in the past year or so further south on CPW. An old and very neglected infrastructure strained by unbridled over- building.

    5. Mick says:

      New York to Democrats-
      Forget Trump.
      Fix infrastructure NOW!!!

      • sarah says:

        Trump pushed through a cap on deductibility of local taxes specifically to attack the ability of cities like ours to raise funds to do things like fix infrastructure. So are you ignorant, bad faith, or both?

        • Jay says:


          The cap on local tax deductions doesn’t change the amount of taxes the state and locals collect.

          • Sarah says:

            Of course it does. Deductibility reduces the cost to localities of raising taxes. This is tax policy 101. Why in the world do you think Trump targeted them in particular?

            • Jay says:

              “Deductibility reduces the cost to localities of raising taxes. ” What exactly does this word salad mean to you? It is meaningless to me.

              Have your state and local taxes gone down? Mine sure haven’t.

    6. Ronald Welsh says:

      Cuomo wasted MILLIONS of taxpayers dollars on corrupt projects in Buffalo and Syracuse that were flops and members of his inner circle were convicted and now Trump is to blame for failing infrastructure???? Thats Cuomo’s way of showing his intelligence and good faith….