Photos: Hundreds Protest in Columbus Circle After Impeachment Vote

Hundreds of people filled Columbus Circle on Wednesday night to protest the Senate’s decision to acquit President Trump after his impeachment trial. Photos by Gretchen.

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    1. Westsidegal says:

      I feel bad for these people. SAD!

    2. UWSHebrew says:

      TV news reported 200 people, which technically is “hundreds”. Sad turnout for this progressively liberal city.

      • A. Ross says:

        I was there and there were several hundred people, if not 1,000….much larger crowd than 200. We should be out there every night until he is gone

        • soldier says:

          In a dictatorship, you would not be able to have hundreds of people protesting dictatorship in the middle of the city. Throwing heavy words around is just an insult to the victims of real dictatorships.

      • Rob G. says:

        Maybe people are finally starting to smarten up around here!

    3. LOL says:

      I take issue with the 3rd photo. Wouldn’t Trump’s golden toilet also have a golden seat??


    4. Francesca says:

      I heard thousands from marshals.

    5. Dita says:

      They should be protesting the Iowa Shadow/Acronym debacle instead. Rigged primaries are ok to them? 3 years of Russiagate hysteria over $42,000 in FB are but it’s okey dokey for Pets Buttigieg to fork over $46’000 to the app company? Far more than any other candidate.

    6. Chris says:

      They will have to keep protesting to 2024

    7. Diane says:

      I was at the rally last evening – it was well attended.

      The crowd was friendly but angry, as all Americans should be.

      The only trouble that I saw was a Trump supporter who was ostentatiously aggressive and ‘in-your-face’, daring others to “hit me.” The police were right there, keeping an eye on this fellow who – obviously – had an ax to grind.

      Overall, a good turn-out and I was proud to be there.

      NOT my president

      • UWSHebrew says:

        yeah, he is your president. and he’ll continue to be your president until 2024.

        • Diane says:

          Actually, (y)our president never had, does not have and never will have any intention of representing me. He has made that clear from Day #1.

          (Still) NOT my president…and never will be.

      • good for the soul says:

        I was there too it was not hundreds it was in the thousands was quite obvious look at the pictures. The small amount of Trump supporters are all rednecks and all looking to have a fight what were there was just a hand full.
        So very sad that from the small amount of Trump supporters showed up have to act this way.
        They were even Trump supporters on the “left” saying that he should’ve been impeached and were chanting: “you will not get my vote this time”.

        • John says:

          Calling Trump supporters rednecks is the exact reason he will get 4 more years. I am one of those rednecks living in the Lincoln Square area in a million dollar apartment. Not so stupid for a redneck

        • EGF says:

          Very mature to call out the “red necks” who voted in the current president. It’s those same “red necks” who happen to be your fellow Americans and will vote Trump right back into office. Perhaps the name calling makes you feel better but all it does it point out your own intolerance for people different than you.

      • Oh, the Horror! says:

        Re: “The crowd was friendly but angry, as all Americans should be.”

        Just angry? More like FURIOUS, because WHEN will people wake up and realize, as that sign said, “We are now in a dictatorship”!

        Proof? Dozens of examples, the worst being:
        1. the Senate’s refusal to hear Bolton and other witnesses;
        2. the performance of his Republican lap-dogs cheering every one of his possibly bogus claims at the State of the Union (read “2020 campaign commercial”).

    8. Leon says:

      As I noted in the other thread, I’m glad this made people feel good but gathering in an echo chamber really is not the most efficient way to get Trump out of office or weaken his powers. I know there is a feeling of helplessness about the current situation and you need to vent, but there are better ways to do so.

      You are just further motivating his backers. And your time is much better spent doing something that will help win elections – reach out to voters in swing states and key senatorial electoral areas. Raise money. You are largely preaching to the choir. Yet you are all so self-impressed.

      • Trish says:

        The people who are marching are also the people who are phone-banking, text-banking, volunteering on local races, organizing local candidate nights, running for county committee, etc. I know because I’m one of those people, and so are all the friends I was marching with.

    9. Janis says:

      This whole stamping of feet and whining because the Left lost the Presidential election in 2016 is nothing short of a waste of time.
      Adult women wearing pussy hats, people adorning themselves with little buttons saying “resist,” “not my President,” etc. is foolish and childish.
      So you didn’t get your way. Meanwhile, you check your 401K and IRAs every day and marvel at how well you’re doing. Your son finally got a job and was able to move out so you could use that second bedroom to set up your pilates equipment and Peloton (which you probably couldn’t afford during the previous administration.) The economy is booming and unemployment is down….way down.
      And now you’ll piss and moan that you have to wait for hours and hours at the DMV because the lines are around the block now that our state government is encouraging illegal immigrants to get drivers’ licenses.
      You shake your head at the stupidity of the Americans who live in the middle of the country and wonder how they could put such a “classless oaf” in the White House.
      Meanwhile, those same citizens are living joyous lives while NYers are stepping over people living on the street, enduring yet another rise in crime, hopping over human feces because it’s no longer a illegal to drop trou and relieve yourself…and you still vote to put the same party in office.
      What is it they say is the definition of insanity?

      • UWSider says:

        Some of us do not measure our life on 401(k)s and IRAs but rather the moral compass we are teaching our children to have and right and wrong. I hope your money can buy you the planet YOUR president is destroying, or a pine box to place the immigrant children he is killing. Or the healthcare you will need to finance. I bet you like your social security and all that money you seem to covet. Lets see where that goes. BTW- the economy and job growth was better under Obama, but facts and lies seem to be the badge of Trumpers…educate yourself about your president and maybe he does not look so swell.

        • Lady Di says:

          well-said reply to the comment from someone who sounds like part of the 1%, or certainly benefitting from 45’s tax plan which favors those in the highest income group.

      • Ted says:

        It is not hard to juice the economy by stripping out environmental regulations, reversing bank regulations that might prevent another 1929 or 2008 and tossing out energy efficiency goals. In much the same way you can catch a pretty good buzz by downing six tequila shots in a row. The problem comes down the road when the market tanks and your money is gone because you have it all in equities, you have to sell your shore house because it’s literally underwater and your son has moved back in with you with his wife and kids because the country is in a depression that will take 15 years to dig out of, which is about the time your head is really going to hurt from those six shots.

        But by all means keep fiddling while Rome burns, congratulate yourself for repeating the mistakes of your parents and then blame the government went it all goes south.

      • chrissy says:

        Right on Janis

      • Renee says:

        I don’t know what world you are living in, but it is obviously not based upon reality. It’s not whining it is exercising our right for freedom of speech, to protest when there is a toxic and corrupt government. No, we’re not all checking 401Ks, only the 1%. We’re not complaining about longer lines at the DMV– where that came from is purely a delusion… all this a delusion and this is the delusion that seemingly the majority of tRump supporters believe in. Drinking the KOOL-AID, doesn’t make it real. It makes those who feel insecure and left out before this dysfunctional, uncivilized regime took office, feel as though they suddenly have a friend in the white house. He is NO friend to anyone but himself and his cronies. What they have done (and continue to do) is destroy the integrity of this country. Nazis are NOT fine people, the middle class is diminishing and I guess it’s okay to absolutely gut benefits for those who fought for the USA (Speaking of– this country did fight a war against NAZIS– and to support this mentality is spitting on the graves of those who died), putting a child in a cage, taking away the rights of individuals that were hard won. When the reality of what has transpired lands clearly for those who support this insanity that KOOL-AID will be impossible to swallow and choke all of them. Fox News is not news, it’s lies.

      • 1st timer says:

        Given your conflation of national and local policy, does Bloomberg’s sterling record here in NYC mean that you will be voting for him in 2020?

      • pec says:

        Well said. I am a native NYer and I don’t like what I am seeing. We should be impeaching DeBlasio and his first lady.

    10. Ben David says:

      What is really sad here is that these hundreds or thousands (whatever the real number) care enough to protest someone they can vote out of office in a few months … but crime is soaring on the UWS and in NYC overall … homelessness is up … hate crimes up … streets are filthy … subways are dangerous … and they still all blindly follow local Democratic politicians who care more about criminals than law-abiding UWS residents.

      • Scott says:

        Yup, and notice that they accuse Trump supporters of being in a cult. This is pure projection. Cultish behavior means supporting the leader with no regard for outcomes. It’s clear who the cult followers are.

      • Marianne says:

        Ben David, excellent comment!!!

    11. EGF says:

      So melodramatic.

    12. AC says:

      I voted for Trump because I wanted a non-politician in office. I wanted someone who was not influenced by lobbyist or someone who owed favors. NAFTA and China trade agreements were outdated and past Presidents failed to address the topic, as well as that concerning Border Control. President Trump backed up his promises with action, and accomplished much. Again, I was not seeking to elect a politician who would just promise and not deliver. I was not seeking someone who would sugar-coat the truth and tell me what I wanted to hear. Sure, perhaps not the most tactful President, but that was not a priority of mine. Getting things accomplished is a priority to me.

      I will be voting for him again! In another 4 more years or more, I will mostly likely vote for a politician, but not anytime soon.

      • Margaret says:

        This is of course an outrageous distortion of reality. I wrote something polite before, but changed my mind about pussyfooting around, this is LOL delusional. Do you truly ignore the mountains of evidence? Does it bother you to be so mistaken?

        Just say you’re fine with his racism and sexism and history of sexual assaults because you like what it means for your stock portfolio or US Israel policy. You don’t have to insult our intelligence too.

        “I wanted someone who was not influenced by lobbyist or someone who owed favors.”

        • AC says:

          @ Marg, I respected your opinion and didn’t cast shade on your remarks; however, you feel compelled to attack mine. When past Presidents I voted for were not elected, sure I was disappointed, but I respected the process and supported the elected official, as it was the will the of the people. After all, I want my President to succeed, as my country would succeed as well. When liberals don’t get there way, they don’t respect the process and just protest and berate the Office of the Presidency. Talk about sore losers! If you don’t like the current administration, make your voice known in November. Until then, count your blessings that you’re in a country that allows for such a process!

          Have a nice weekend!


          • Margaret says:

            He IS influenced by lobbyists and he DOES owe many people favors. Of course I respect your right to choose your preferred candidate, my point is that perhaps without even realizing it, you have justified yourself with an absolute fallacy.

            If your point is that you don’t actually believe he is influenced by lobbyists or owes anyone favors, I’m sorry, you’re mistaken. Here’s a single particularly ugly example that I’m surprised you overlooked: that time he paid off his pornstar mistress during his campaign so that she wouldn’t go public with how he cheated on his current wife after the birth of his fifth child.

            The guy is deeply unpopular. He may pull out another surprising victory, or he may not, but he will stay deeply unpopular, and ignoring the truths about him is unlikely to age well.

            I think supporters would do well to reflect on what values matter to them, how the 2018 midterms went, and what they are demonstrating. Is it power? Wealth? Respectability? Truth? Character?

            That is all, enjoy the sunny Saturday.

    13. MB/UWSer says:

      2020 Vision!

      NYC is being punished for being a sanctuary city (including other cities and states). Republicans just voted in a king.


    14. Margaret says:

      We all know that Trump has supporters, the UWShebrews and so on, on the Upper West Side. Even though he lost the neighborhood by around 50 points, there are pockets, mostly the ultra wealthy areas, where his share of votes got as high as 33% in the billionaire precincts, ie he only lost those areas by 30 points.

      But the reality is that given the electoral college structure and how incredibly and deeply disliked Trump is by college educated women, suburban women, voters younger than 30, and people of color, New York State is unlikely to flip from blue to red this fall. Unless he suddenly becomes a different person and starts finding it possible to treat women with respect, it’s just not gonna happen. No matter how much people want to sneer at those of us who dislike him, he’s too deep underwater to feel confident at winning this state. For example, 77% of women closely followed the impeachment proceedings and 59% of women wanted him convicted and removed in the impeachment trial. (Obviously 59% of senators didn’t agree).

      Therefore I think it’s really useful not just to march in the UWS, but to use our energy and our absolute disgust with this joke of an administration into flipping the senate. With the upside down and undemocratic structure of the electoral college, and the population differences behind the principle of each state’ two senators, if Donald Trump makes your skin crawl, channel energy into flipping the senate. Volunteer or make calls or donate $5 or $25 to the challengers seeking to beat Susan Collins in Maine, Cory Gardner in Colorado, Martha McSally in Arizona, and ‘Moscow Mitch’ in Kentucky. I truly believe this is the most impactful way for people like me to level the playing field with the megabucks of the Koch machine.

    15. MAD says:

      I suggest that we stop trading in these stereotypes: all Trump supporters are stupid rednecks, all liberals are sophisticated and well educated, anyone who wants to support someone of the opposite party is wrong or simply a moron. Come on, everyone! We need to look at the issues (especially local) facing us and figure out what to do. It would be energy better spent. Who wants to get the ball rolling???

    16. Anna says:

      Those People have not idea what Dictatorship is, they do not know how people in Dictatorship suffer. They should be thankful and cherish every day what the US greatest country in the world offers and respect the president.

    17. enough already says:

      funny our country is in best shape ever…grow up already…he might not be the most polished but, he gives it 100% more then any other president has ever done. If you really want something to complain about , we have a mayor who honestly is a complete idiot…focus your energy on that instead.

    18. UWSWasp says:

      I will most certainly be voting for anyone but Putin’s lapdog on Nov 3rd.