Madonna Offers Her Central Park West Apartment to Meghan & Harry Because ‘Buckingham Palace Has Nothing on CPW’

Madonna is worried for her friends Meghan & Harry, the Royal couple who have lately been on the outs with the queen. She’s sad about their decision to live part-time in Canada, a country she considers “boring”.

And thus, Madonna made an open invitation on Instagram this week for the royals to come live in her Central Park West apartment at 64th Street. “It’s got the best view of Manhattan,” she said while sitting at a makeup table as smooth jazz played in the background. “Buckingham Palace has nothing on CPW.” At Buckingham palace all you see is “men in woolie hats.”

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Do Megan and Prince Harry want to sublet my apartment on Central Park West?? ………………🗽❌ #madamextheatre #thelondonpalladium

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Madonna has owned the apartment for years, and even gotten into legal tussles with her neighbors — a judge even admonished the Material Girl to stop “harassing” them. She actually says Meghan and Harry can “sublet” the place, indicating that she’s not just going to let them live there for free. Even royals gotta pay rent!

The building is known as Harperly Hall, which sounds almost like a palace.

Hopefully if the royal couple moves in they’ll respect the rules of the co-op, and be hearty composters and recyclers, like good Upper West Siders. Plus they should feel free to wear “woolie hats.” Most of us aren’t so judgmental.

    1. Steve B says:

      Heh. I want to be a fly on the wall when the royal sublease approval request goes before her co-op board.

    2. Rodger Lodger says:

      Only the young will escape a lifetime of never-ending gossip about this rather dull couple.

    3. None of My Business says:

      Does the co-op board have to approve the sublet? Will the Duke and Duchess pass muster?

    4. Chris says:

      CO-OP just sued Madonna and won so I would say they will not approve these two folks as it would make a media circus around the building

    5. TrueGenX says:

      Who’s Madonna?

    6. RealtyGalNYC says:

      Ummm, Madonna can’t really do that as this is a co-op and this one in particular doesn’t allow subletting as this situation would be, even if Madonna didn’t accept payment for it. She just loves to make up her own rules. She has a house on East 80th Street. She should offer them that.

    7. Dita says:

      I’m sure her neighbors find the prospect of fighting thru papparazzi , security and hangers-on just thrilling.

    8. Napoleon says:

      British Monarchy on its last leg. good riddance.

    9. James D says:

      I hope the Canadians get all over her for that “boring” comment.

    10. B.B. says:

      Just when I thought WSR would be one place to escape the “Harry and Megan” saga; up comes this about that tiresome couple.

      According to my American history lessons this country fought a battle and won, throwing British royalty out. You’d never know it by the endless obsession with the Windsor and Windsor-Mountbatten family.

    11. Sam Koo says:

      Very nice of you Madonna.
      Next time you speak to them, please let them know they can stay in our apt too. They are kind of couple who will appreciate neighborhood view over the City skyline that has too many chopsticks.
      I just need a little advance notice to get the Board’s approval.