Photo of the Day: Rolling Along With a Bulldog on a Skateboard

Life is smoother when you’re riding with a best friend, particularly when that best friend is a bulldog on a skateboard. This dynamic duo was spotted at 71st and Broadway.

We’re not sure if this is the famous Beefy the Bulldog or another talented canine.

Thanks to Joeanna Sayler for the photo.

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    1. George says:

      Does anyone wonder why there are accidents? If a car hits the dog or its vain master, will the driver get sued?

      • Jack says:

        Oh, George, bless your heart.

      • David says:

        Riding against traffic – if it’s illegal for bicycles, it should be illegal for skateboards too.

        The question remains: when will some governing body decide that it’s time to require licensing for anyone on the road using a device with wheels?

        • Woody says:

          How do you know he’s going against traffic? It looks like he’s coming off Amsterdam Ave heading north.

          • David says:

            To me, it appears he is in the lane to turn west onto 71st Street, but that doesn’t mean that’s what he is going to do. He is in the wrong lane if he is going north on Amsterdam, unless he is going to cut across 3 lanes of traffic. Plus, if he is going north on Amsterdam, how is he going to signal his intentions?

            Let’s not argue about this, and agree that it’s just wrong no matter how you look at it.

            To Joeanna Sayler who sent in the photo –
            Where was the skateboarder going?


      • Josh says:

        It’s a drivers responsibility to drive at a safe speed for a neighborhood like the UWS. If you are driving so fast that you can’t respond to an unexpected pedestrian and his dog, then you shouldn’t be treating our neighborhood like a highway.

        • js says:

          I guess I see this differently…
          Personally I don’t see this as a pedestrian.
          He is on a skateboard- functioning as a vehicle – in a part of the street where pedestrians would not be.

          Of course the onus is on a car/truck etc but in any event, this guy is endangering all, dog included..

    2. Laure m says:

      I saw another duo where the dig actually pulled the skater full speed.on central park west on fridAy. Pretty cool. Not sure too safe. But they were so obviously dangerous that nothing will happen to them

      • George says:

        I hope PETA didn’t see the the dog pulling the man. Look what has happened to the horse-drawn carriages.

        • ScooterStan says:

          Re: ” Look what has happened to the horse-drawn carriages.”

          Ummm…NOTHING ?

          Check Central Park South or walk on the West Drive. Plenty of carriage horses, DESPITE candidate deBlasio’s boast that under his administration they’d be gone.

          That boast was a major part of his 2013 campaign and earned him the support of NYCLASS, whose “Anybody But Quinn” electioneering forced a TRULY QUALIFIED former City Council Speaker out of the race, leaving us to elect Mayor DooLittle, who’s now (see the NY Times stories) more interested in the Presidential Primary than in doing the job he was elected to do.

    3. Wendy says:

      Looks like they’re Going against traffic , in the wrong direction .
      Cute photo but a menace

    4. Johnny says:

      This is Cartman The Bulldog. He has been skateboarding around the world for years!

    5. Only Made in New York/Billy Amato says:

      Ahhhhh only on the Upper West Side do we see awesome things like this. I saw a pitbull dragging a skateboarder down Central Park West the other night… so cool.
      Loving Manhattan and is the greatest city in the world.

    6. Jim Guenther says:

      From their expressions, the man is watching for potholes and other hazards, the dog is ‘going to work’. Great picture of eccentric life in the city

    7. ST says:

      That dog does NOT look like it likes what it is having to do.

    8. Ted says:

      #cartmanthebulldog rules. I think his IG is @cartmanthebulldog, He is beautiful and super chill as is his owner. I don’t know how he moves him around the world. Check it out!!!

    9. js says:

      Sorry, but don’t think this is cool at all – just dangerous to this person, the dog and everyone else.
      Animal maltreatment too.

      Imagine the chain reaction if someone was hit or a pedestrian, bicycle or vehicle had to swerve to avoid….
      You or your family or friend injured…

      And happens to be in a particularly complicated/dangerous intersection.

      Looks like a prime example of entitlement.

      • Cyn(thia) Icke says:

        Re: “Looks like a prime example of entitlement.”

        Ahhh, yes. “ENTITLEMENT”: the latest buzzword with which to prove one’s Librul/Populist/Anti-Establishment/Politically-Correct “creds”, meant to be used whenever the user wishes to intimidate listeners by demonstrating how Au-Courant and Trendy (s)he is.

        The Entitlement charge is just another ‘Look-How-Superior-I-am’ put-down like “White Privilege”, “First-World Problems”, and the latest “Class Privilege”.

        Honestly, all this could make one fwow-up faster than eating week-old un-refrigerated caviar.

    10. ml says:

      Is he just crossing the street with the dog or actually skateboarding against traffic? seems really stupid and reckless, drivers would have a hard time seeing the dog and he puts the dog at risk of getting hit by a car.

    11. Jay says:

      Actually, they are most probably not going against traffic. This is at that crazy multi-intersection free-for-all where Amsterdam (going north) collides at an angle with Broadway (going both directions) and he and his bulldog look like they have just crossed the crosswalk and and are making a left (West) onto 71st (which goes west)

      This is probably the optimal time for them to make this move, ahead of traffic.

    12. Karina says:

      I saw them tonight crossing 97st and Broadway! I love it!