Pupper West Side: A Hound With Political Ambitions

By A. Campbell

Name: Mayor or One Up Mayor, because one of my ears is always sticking up. See?

Age: They tell me I’m about 2 years old.

Breed: Lab and Basset Hound mix

Profile/History: Mom found me at Louie’s Legacy Animal Rescue. She had the best of intentions and began as a foster parent, but her failure was my gain! We fell for each other from day one. I came to stay with her in October and by November, it was official. I was here to stay on the Upper West Side.

Daily routine: I have tons of friends in the neighborhood and love being social. Did you ever hear about this famous dog mayor of a small town in Minnesota? His name was Duke. Isn’t he wonderful?! Sadly, after many years of dutiful service to his town, Duke recently passed away, but he remains an idol for me. I hope to one day be just as beloved by my Upper West Side friends as Duke was by his fellow townspeople. So, back to my daily routine. Weather permitting, we take advantage of off leash hours most mornings in Central Park. As we head east toward the park on 69th Street, I always pay a visit to my good friend Larry. Larry is a gentleman and a scholar who is also a devoted dog enthusiast. Best of all, he carries chicken for all the neighborhood dogs! After chatting up Larry, I’ll do some running around on the lawns between 69th and 70th Streets. Mom works in real estate and her office is close to our apartment. That means that I’m not alone too much. Occasionally I may accompany her on work trips and meetings with clients, or I may join her in the office and lend my expertise to important conversations. “The business of business, is business.”

Loves: Playing with and chasing other dogs. I’m also very dedicated to my pup training course. I’m currently working closely with Justice at Raise the Woof dog training. I’ve tried to stay very consistent with my lessons and learn to behave appropriately in any situation. Currently, I’m working on mastering tricks like come, stay, sit, heel, touch, and fetch. Mom says I don’t have to worry too much about the “paw” or “shake” command because when I’ve attempted it, I start to fall over, due to my long body. I need all four paws on the ground for maximum stability!

Does not love: Carrots.

Favorite store/business on the UWS: I adore Unleashed by Petco and also the Sensuous Bean coffee shop on 70th Street. The staff at the Sensuous Bean are always very good to us and I can count on getting a treat there. Mom and I also like to visit Amsterdam Wine Co. and 67 Wine together when we’re picking up something nice to pair with dinner.

Favorite treat: I like anything that is Stella and Chewy brand and I also love Trader Joe’s beef jerky. Apples and cheese are welcome any time. As a very special treat, my grandma saves the bones from steaks that she cooks and brings them over for me!

Favorite park spot: The lawns around 69th and 70th Streets in Central Park.

What do you think would be a great addition to the Upper West Side: You know what I think could be a great business opportunity? An indoor playground for dogs! There are so many cooooollld winter days. I can’t bear to think of it, now that we’re in full Spring bloom, but the winters in New York can be very harsh. I assume dog owners would agree that it can be pretty chilly standing outside on many a January and February morning and evening. I’m a young pup and there are lots of other doggos, young and old, who need to get their energy out during rainy or snowy days. Maybe the dogs-only play space could be like a gym, with classes similar to those offered at human gyms. Yoga for the mindful pups, pilates for the pups who are working to achieve that long, lean look. Then of course there could be treadmills for the pups who love to run and chase. Water aerobics for the pups who need to go easy on their knees and hips. And naturally, there would be some sort of Crossfit-esque class for pups who just love flipping tires and refrigerators, while being berated by other muscle-bound canines. You get the idea!

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If West Side Rag readers are interested in becoming pet owners, we encourage you to consider adopting or volunteering to be a foster parent with one of the many shelters and nonprofits based in and around New York City. These include but aren’t limited to: Muddy Paws Rescue; Animal Lighthouse Rescue; NYC ASPCA; Humane Society of New York; Bideawee; Social Tees; and Animal Haven.

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    1. T Sato says:

      I really love this column and all the amazing UWS canines featured. I am hoping I will actually recognize some of the pups featured in real life, in Central Park and/or Riverside Park, to say hello and even get a selfie.

    2. Franklin@2020 says:

      Congrats Mayor!

    3. Albert says:

      This column is such useless fluff.

    4. Phoebe Olive says:

      I just love reading about the adventures of my fellow UWS pups.
      I was wondering how they are chosen and if I might also be able to have a shot at fame as well?
      Barkfully yours
      Phoebe Olive

      • Pupper West Side Reporter says:

        Phoebe Olive – please feel free to email your request to us at westsiderag@gmail.com and it will be shared with me – your intrepid Pupper West Side reporter. 🙂

    5. CalvinBTheDog says:

      hi, mayor! great article, buddy!

    6. L. Gerson says:

      This column is a delightful antidote to the malaise I suffer due to the current political scene.

      Blessed are the pooches!

    7. Cammi Marlin says:

      Thank you everyone!!! We are very honored to be featured by the Westside Rag ❤️ Audrey is amazing and this segment is such a great and fun addition to the Rag . See you in Central Park soon! Love, Cammi Marlin & Mayor

    8. Tania Beth Isenstein says:

      Love you mayor!! Awesome article!

    9. BRITTANY says:


      • dannyboy says:

        Our pet (Suki, a Ragdoll cat) runs around the apartment. When the children were young, they’d get on tricycles and ride with Cinnamon (previous cat, a Tuxedo).

    10. dannyboy says:

      “Mom and I also like to visit Amsterdam Wine Co. and 67 Wine together when we’re picking up something nice to pair with dinner.” – Mayor

      This is the reason I have a cat. She never drinks my good wine!

    11. Mimi says:

      UWS dog owners consistently allow their pets off leash, all hours of the day, in defiance of the park laws, which clearly state the allowable hours for this privilege.

      Recently, while walking along the Forever Wild Bird Sanctuary path, I encountered several off leash dogs, whose “mommies” were camped by the little stream. I politely asked that they leash their animals, and as one might expect, was countered with angry and defensive responses. One such mom actually stated she would gladly pay any fine that may come her way, as her dog was “happy” off leash.
      The attitude is that of entitlement and “ above the law” thinking.
      Dog owners need to leash their animals and act as good law abiding citizens, respecting all who try to enjoy the beauty of our shared public parks.