More Swastikas Found on the UWS, as Hate Symbols Proliferate in the City

Someone or some group of people painted or drew swastikas in at least two locations in the neighborhood, part of what the NYPD says is an uptick in hateful symbols around the city.

On Thursday morning, a bicyclist told police about two swastikas spray-painted on a stretch of concrete next to the Hudson River around 72nd Street, according to Capt. Timothy Malin of the 20th precinct. There were no witnesses to the incident and no surveillance video, Malin said. Gothamist published an image of the swastikas.

In addition, one of our tipsters sent the photo above of a series of swastikas and KKK symbols she found drawn on a newspaper box on 100th and Central Park West. The tipster said she also saw “a swastika and a KKK pyramid (two k’s in the bottom with a k on top in a triangle) two weeks ago in a phone booth on 105th and Columbus.”

We did not hear back from NYPD about the swastika on 100th Street. Gothamist reports that there’s been an uptick in anti-Semitic symbols in the city.

During a briefing on Wednesday morning, Chief of Detectives Dermot Shea said police had received a wave of similar reports in recent weeks. “We’ve seen in the last month an increase in anti-Semitic hate crimes, particularly swastikas, on buildings in part of the city,” he noted. “In last 28 days particularly, which is a little troublesome, we have seen an uptick in that category.”

Data provided by the city shows that there were a total of 142 anti-Semitic hate crimes reported through October 28th of this year—up from 126 in the same period last year, which was almost double the number reported in New York City in 2016.

Council Member Mark Levine has also pointed out racist graffiti throughout the neighborhood lately.

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    1. Glen says:

      A few years back there was a proliferation of magic marker graffiti “9/11 HA HA HA” and a smiley face. It was written on many plastic newspaper boxes on WEA and its side streets. I would suggest it was the same person who is doing this.

    2. Scott says:

      The arrest on Oct. 12 for the swastika on 104th — who was it? I didn’t see any follow-up. This would seem to be an important news item to follow up on.

    3. Sid says:

      “In last 28 days particularly, which is a little troublesome, we have seen an uptick in that category.”

      A little troublesome? What a gross understatement. This is a crisis.

      • Mark says:

        Trump’s America! Is anyone surprised?

        • UWSJoe says:

          “Donald Trumps America.”

          You mean like the black, gay, democratic activist who was just arrested for the anti Semitic graffiti in that Brooklyn synagogue?

          Or is it the two black men wanted for the anti Semitic graffiti on that Brooklyn home?

          Or is it UWS Democrat darling Alexandria Oscario Cortez who has actively promoted the very anti Semitic Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions movement against Israel?

          Or is it Anti Semitic Barnard students who voted overwhelmingly for BDS recently?

          No Mark this isn’t “Donald Trumps America”, but this definitely is democratic New York City.

          • Sherman says:

            @ UWSJoe-

            I agree with you. I’m far more concerned about the overt anti-Semitism (er, excuse me, anti-Zionism) among the extreme left wing of the Democratic Party than I am about some loser who scribbles swastikas on the UWS.

            As far as the tragedy in Pittsburgh – this was committed by some nut who was by all accounts a loner and a loser. This was horrible, of course, but there are nuts out there and this can’t be blamed on Trump.

          • EricaC says:

            You are right that the individuals may or may not be espousing the particular ideology that Trump is expressing. But the rhetoric is irresponsible in view of the fact that a certain percentage of the population is crazy and will be affected by rhetoric encouraging anger and division. There is a reason that presidents do not indulge themselves, or their constituents, in this behavior.

            Btw, UWSJoe, any relation to UWSHebrew?

    4. Chris says:

      It is not Trumps america
      99% of the time in the Northeast region this a product of angry liberals looking to blame others. All you have to do is look back the past several years and you will see that. Also last week a city counsel staffer was accused of antisemitic graffiti and oh he is a Democrat. Trumps Daughter is Jewish and he has done more for Israel in two year then Obama did in 8. So stop with the Trumps America watching the political commercials this week the only hate i see is from the liberals.

    5. Bruce E. Bernstein says:

      James Polite, the “City COuncil Staffer” who posted some anti-semitic graffiti, is extremely troubled. He was an intern for the City Council years ago; it is misleading to call him a City Council staffer.

      trump is going around from rally to rally promoting ethnic and racial hate and fear. His hate-filled message is mainly aimed at immigrants and also at Democrats. the idea of an “invasion” from Central America — does anyone but the most deluded people really fall for this? — has a provably direct connection with the actions of the accused mail bomber Cesar Sayoc and alleged synagogue mass murderer Robert Bowers. Both were domestic terrorists and took part in right wing social media activities, making their views clear.

      some of the comments on this thread seem to be aimed at fostering divisions among different groups targeted by hatemongers, particularly between Jews and blacks.

      trump fosters hate towards different groups in society, and we can expect hate-filled language to lead towards active hate crimes.

      • UWSHebrew says:

        So far, three anti-semitic incidents in NYC that have been caught with video cameras have involved black men and children. 1) James Polite — hate messages INSIDE Brooklyn Reform Temple and setting multiple fires outside Brooklyn Synagogues 2) Two individuals spray painting swastikas on the outside of a Brooklyn home 3) At least six children discussing and finally throwing a metal pole through a window of a Brooklyn Synagogue while people were inside praying. Sorry Bruce, but this does not fit your narrative AT ALL. There has been and continues to be hate from some in the black community towards Jews. Trump has NOTHING to do with ANY OF THIS.

        • EricaC says:

          I don’t think that the guy who actually killed 11 Jewish people in their synagogue was a crazy black guy. You have to be pretty selective in your view to see the current wave of terroristic acts in the US as being principally carried out by black people.

          • UWSHebrew says:

            I was directly replying to the extremely skewed views of Bruce. I stated “three anti-semitic incidents in NYC”. NYC stands for NEW YORK CITY.

    6. robert says:

      While ANY hate crime should be taken seriously and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law so should hoax’s. They take away from a real hate crime. So lets cool it with the political blaming for this. I mention hoax’s because it turns out the Brooklyn synagogue incident was done by a left wing LGBT activist. Yes a suspect has been ID and is being sought by NYPD. I have provided the link to it below. The second like below is to a NY Post article about the ADL numbers. They show biases/hate crimes against Jews & Jewish related entities to be up 57% A truely shocking number But what the ADL doesn’t mention is that jump includes at least 163 incidents traceable back to one person. That person is an Israeli teen with mental health issues. He was convicted in Israel of making over 2,000 threats there and in the US to hospitals, airlines, schools and various Jewish institutions out of boredom. This is not some right wing BS You can Google his name The first thing that comes up are reports in Israeli media as well as CNN, Washington Post etc.
      There are people out there that do dangerous and spiteful things because of someone’s race, religion, sexuality, ethic background etc. As I said before their acts are NOT expectable and should be fully prosecuted, but in this hyper charged world we live in we all need to take a deep breath and act on facts. Not what our own biases drive us to. It is extremely harmful to label someone and /or a group a racist etc without evidence. We are two quick to throw these charges around and by doing so lessen there impact when there actual is a issue that needs to be addressed.​

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    7. helpmeunderstand says:

      Let me first state that I am no Trump supporter. However, can somebody provide reference to specific quotes, video, audio clips in which he as made outwardly racist, homophobic, anti-Semitic statements? I hear the guy speak and sometimes see a tweet or two and I just don’t ever seem to catch these horrible things you accuse him of. If you can’t provide what I’ve asked for then please do not respond. I’m not looking for a debate, only real examples. Thank you.