Central Park’s Delacorte Theater to Get a Major Makeover

The Delacorte Theater, home of Shakespeare in the Park, has gotten pounded by the elements since it opened in 1962. It’s also not ADA-compliant, and people have to leave the theater to use bathrooms located outside.

That’s why the Delacorte is planning a major rehabilitation. The timeline of the project will be released next year. Eventually the the theater will hopefully be open for longer stretches, allowing for more performances.

Several years back, there was an opera performance scheduled at the Delacorte in the fall, though it didn’t end up happening.

If only they could fix the helicopter noise over the theater.

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    1. Birdwoman says:

      Sorry to digress… but what about the DUCK?!! Now performing to sellout crowds in the CP Pond in full Mandarin regalia and killing it on social media. Does anyone know his name?