Christmas Trees Ablaze in Pre-Dawn Fire

A fire broke out before 5 a.m. Tuesday on 81st Street near Broadway. The fire was called in at 4:46 a.m. in front of 209 West 81st Street, according to the FDNY. It was a rubbish fire that was near some scaffolding, but it did not spread to the scaffolding and there were no injuries, the FDNY spokesman said.

While it wasn’t clear what exactly caused it, these kinds of nuisance fires can be sparked by a lit cigarette or someone making mischief, he said.

A tipster who told us about the fire said he saw discarded Christmas trees on fire, and heard kids yelling and laughing nearby.

It took about 45 minutes to get the fire under control.

Photo by cisc1970.

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    1. DavidT says:

      It’s January 23, people were told to chuck their trees out on the streets around January 10, and yet they are still lining every street in Manhattan. What’s going on? Yes, there were some brutal storms and lots of plowing to do, but I think it’s time to remove these mounds of trees.

    2. BEmama says:

      kids out and about and laughing @ 5 AM?

    3. Chase says:

      any real photo or vid of the fire? the pic is some url link.

    4. Mark Moore says:

      My building stacked up about 15 old dry trees directly against the building wall. I told the super it was a fire hazard and they moved them. But at one point last week there were a lot of old trees lying around the neighborhood.