At Women’s March, Supergirl Steals Underwear Guy’s Thunder

Photos courtesy of Frank Lesser.

The Women’s March wound through the Upper West Side on Saturday, expanding well beyond the original route on Central Park West. As marcher Frank Lesser walked on Columbus between 77th and 78th Street, he saw a dude standing on his fire escape and raising his arms. People were cheering, and Lesser told Buzzfeed that it looked like the guy on the fire escape thought they were cheering for him.

But a few seconds later he turned around and saw the person they were really cheering for — Supergirl, up on the 4th floor!

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a woman in a very cool costume!

“Lesser tweeted out the series of pictures, calling it ‘that awkwardly symbolic moment.’ The tweet immediately went viral,” Buzzfeed reported.

Reminiscent of that brilliant scene at the end of Swingers.

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    1. Yael says:

      CLAP! CLAP! CLAP! Awesome, Supergirl!!!

    2. Terry says:

      ALL females are super girls !!!! 👍😀💃👍

    3. 69th st lady says:

      Funny not funny

    4. Amy says:

      But what they don’t cover is the fact that this guy literally took his shirt off & threw it into the crowd. (I was there…) It was ridiculous. Totally tone deaf to the occasion.

    5. BillyNYC says:


      • OriginalMark says:

        Yeah! I’m tired of these people exercising their constitutional rights!
        Why can’t we just be more like Russia??

    6. UWS_lifer says:

      How great was Swingers?!?! One of my favorite movies of the time. People were actually going swing dancing and dressing like that. Oh the memories.

      However, I am afraid in the climate of today it would be seen as totally offensive, misogynistic, sexist, what have you.

      If you went around referring to women as “beautiful babies” all the time people would (rightfully) think you are insane.:) Still a great movie though…oh well. Vince Vaughn has never been better.

    7. JerryV says:

      Underwear guy is actually Clark Kent, who is wondering if it was his upstairs friend Lois who swiped his work clothes.

    8. boopsie says:

      If the underwear guy had any class he would have turned to cheer on Supergirl, too.

    9. Honest Abe says:

      That’s really super, supergirl.

    10. Jan says:

      IN the meantime, while all this marching and madness was going on, the Upper West Side was a traffic nightmare.
      So many streets closed, buses rerouted, subways canceled,
      I really think the time has come for NYC to stop the parades, stop the marches. It causes too much of a hardship for people trying get around.

      • Bruce Bernstein says:

        … because, you know, the First Amendment isn’t that big a deal.

        Sorry people sticking up for democracy inconvenienced you.

        • OriginalMark says:

          But do you not see Jan’s point at all?
          I’m all for the first amendment, and one thing I love about NYC is the passion and that people do things.
          But could some consideration be given to residents who still must go about their business and conduct their lives?
          For example, my neighbor is a disabled woman and she was unable to get to a physical therapy appointment because of the disruptions to transit and traffic. I’m sure others had similar issues.
          It seems that there should be a way to march, protest, etc. without making it impossible for some to live their lives.

          • EricaC says:

            Unfortunately not. It is hard to march in the streets without being in the streets.

            It was a lovely day, and a calm crowd making some important points. It was worth the trouble at least as much as a street fair, right?

        • Independent says:

          “Yes, I have thought an awful lot about blowing-up the White House”

          Madonna, at the original “Women’s March”, January 2017

          Nothing says ‘respect for the democratic process’ quite like that.