Dog Disrespects Goofy Snow-Dad

A goofy snowman dad was attempting to block his snow-child from the paparazzi on 104th Street on Sunday when a dog came up and peed on him. Like it isn’t tough enough being a snowman in this lousy city!

Photo by Paul Arents.

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    1. your neighbor says:

      Unlike the less visible displays where dog owners allow their dogs to urinate on stoops, vehicles, flowers, etc this is a visible display of the disrespect that some dog owners in this neighborhood have for the work and property of others.

    2. Your Neighbor says:

      Do you seriously consider snow on a sidewalk to be anyone’s property?

    3. Phoebe says:

      And those who bring their dogs to tree beds… even newly planted ones, Really, what IS wrong with these people?

    4. Scott says:

      I’d let my dog pee on that too. I wouldn’t even hesitate, in fact.