The Shake Shack on 77th Street and Columbus Avenue. Photo by Scott Beale/Laughing Squid.

The Upper West Side Shake Shack is offering a new treat in conjunction with Shakespeare in the Park’s upcoming production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, with all proceeds going to the theater.

Delta and Bank of America pulled their sponsorships of the Public Theater this month because of controversy around the production of Julius Caesar, whose title character resembled Donald Trump.

Shake Shack released a statement.

From Monday, July 3rd—Sunday, August 13th, the Upper West Side Shack will serve The Shake-speare shake ($5.79): a strawberry and rose shake topped with whipped cream and fairy dust sprinkles. 100% of the proceeds from the shake will benefit The Public Theater’s wide range of programming, including its Free Shakespeare in the Park series, the bedrock of The Public Theater’s dedication to making theater accessible to all. The exclusive Shakespeare offering will coincide with The Public Theater’s showing of the beloved comedy A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Tuesday, July 11th—Sunday, August 13th).

The UWS Shake Shack is at 77th and Columbus.

Shake Shack is also opening a new location near Columbia University.

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    1. UWSHebrew says:

      I will no longer go to Shake Shack, thank you for reporting this WSR.

    2. Gretchen says:

      Wow! Shakes available As You Like It! Food imitating art — and like the song goes:

      “If your goil is a Washington Heights dream,
      Treat the kid to a Midsummer Nights Dream.”

    3. Howard Freeman says:

      All fine and good. But when you publicly mock-assassinate a sitting president in effigy, so much more so in a live quasi-character, your sponsors are going to kick your ass.

      Shrewd theater; foolish funding model.

      • Redraleigh says:

        Yes, I remember the production at the Guthrie Theater in Chicago in 2012 that featured the protagonist based on Obama. Delta was a sponsor then too.

        Not a peep. From anyone.

        • lambchop says:

          Absolutely right. No one gave a crap about using Obama’s likeness at the Guthrie. But now, apparently white people are all upset over using the Orange-one’s likeness. Let them eat cake. Also, tell them they don’t have to support the show. It’s a free presentation in the Park. So they can stay home and watch re-runs of the Apprentice.

          • Gs says:

            White people…I guess you’re a minority (the right kind of course) knowing that only they can actually say racist things without being called on it. I’m so enjoying watching you and yours (liberals, progressives and every conceivable “identified group”) squirm as President Trump reverses the damage done by the prior occupant.

        • B.W. says:

          Exactly! All this faux hand-wringing is performance art, nothing more.

    4. 92nd Street says:

      Danny Meyers is a class act

    5. nycityny says:

      I want the shake but what flavor is “rose” in a shake?

    6. joe papp says:

      Thank you for posting. I’ll make a point of getting to Shake Shack just for the shakes, which I will probably order and give to others… pay it forward. I believe in the work of the Public Theatre, always have supported them and now I will support Shake Shack supporting Shakespeare in the park. It you don’t like it (and it’s free theatre) don’t go!

    7. Jens says:

      I will no longer fly Delta or do business with Bank of America because corporate fascism does not support artistic expression. I will, however, be sure to spend money at Shake Shack.

      • UWSHebrew says:

        If “artistic expression” means a mock-murder of a sitting President, then you can take your “art” and go to hell.

        • hm says:

          Did you protest to all of the mock-murders of Obama? All of the burning effigies and nooses?

          • UWSHebrew says:

            Yes I do. But this is much, much worse, as it is a large production overseen and approved by many people. Effigies of Obama were by individual losers. There were also effigies of George W. Bush.

            • OriginalMark says:

              Will you be boycotting Central Park too?
              Or does your protest only extend to places that won’t inconvenience you?

    8. Mark says:

      Yas queen, this is what New York is all about

    9. Billy NYC says:

      I love it !!! Good for them ….

    10. bystander says:

      Sign me up. Complaining about violence in Shakespeare is like complaining about calorie counts at Shake Shack.

      The only people who have a beef about the Papp production are the people who consider it a slur on Julius Caesar to be compared to twitler. Trumputinites, true to the Trump voter profile (poorly educated/low information) fail to see the consequences of the assassination in the play, while everyone points at them laughing..

    11. Mark Moore says:

      “…a strawberry and rose shake topped with whipped cream and fairy dust sprinkles.”

      What the heck is that?

    12. Shahandeh Rosenblum says:

      love the way shake shack helps public art… there are so many movies out there that had the same drama about assassination of a president wonder why nobody said anything about those…

    13. WestSideGirl says:

      Thank you. I will no longer be taking my family to shake shack.

      • UWSider says:

        You won’tbe missed. Haters and hypocrites not welcomed anyway. Byeeeee.

        • gs says:

          The left are the haters…who’s public policy stance is “the resistance”, shuts down conservative voices on college campuses and destroy property. The left won’t even knowledge that the Pulse nightclub tragedy was the result of radical Islam…don’t you know it’s a gun issue. The only way that urban gang bangers part with their “illegal” guns are when they’re caught in police stings or “buy back” initiatives. What a farce.

      • UpperWestPride says:

        Works for me–shorter line! Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

    14. Sue says:

      Thank you – Great idea – You neglected to mention AMEX’s stupid statement about supporting the Public but not the JC production.

    15. John says:

      Will they make a liberal shake with a nipple on the top?

    16. bill says:

      Awesome I’ll get a few.

    17. UWS Democrat says:

      Thank you for supporting arts, Shake Shack!!

    18. Bravo, Danny Meyer! And BOO to BofA and Delta..and their ugly, cowardly CEOs…the Shakespeare in the Park offers Americans more than the nut job in the White House does.

    19. Lsilver212 says:

      What has happened to the Upper West Side?? This was a bastion of Liberal Democrats who had heart and a conscience. Now we have neighbors supporting Trump. This never happened when the same play used a head of Obama. So, not only are we sharing our neighborhood with the absurdly wealthy, but with closed-minded conservatives who enjoy attacking progressives. Not my New York any more.

      • OriginalMark says:

        Oh please – do you really want to live someplace where everyone is a carbon copy?

    20. Wijmlet says:


    21. Gretchen says:

      And today, filmmaker Michael Moore said he was donating $10,000 to Shakespeare in the Park, yay!!!! Hope others follow suit.

    22. Sean says:

      The Bank of America is an Italian bank. It financed the film industry here in it’s early stages.

      • Mark says:

        How terribly interesting.

      • RK says:

        No, it was originally called Bank of Italy but it was started by italian immigrants in san francisco. Never actually Italian. If you look closely at its history, the modern BofA is really Nationsbank from North Carolina. Similar to the Chemical/Chase buyout (where Chemical bought Chase), the combined entity took the more familiar name.

    23. Richard says:

      Bravo, Shake Shack! I will definitely be visiting you more often now.