amity hall3
Amity Hall, opening soon on Amsterdam Avenue. See another picture here.

The Upper West Side will soon get a new bar, a gelato store that makes gelato in the shape of flowers and a deli.

Amity Hall plans to open this month in the former home of Village Pourhouse at 982 Amsterdam Avenue (108th-109th street). The bar was almost fully built-out last week when our tipster @above_96th stopped by. Our tipster says the bar has been completely remade and “it looks terrific.” They’re hoping to open Dec. 16-18. We covered their liquor license application here. The owners told neighbors they would tamp down the old Pourhouse atmosphere.

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 9.39.53 AMA new gelato store called Amorino Gelato plans to open at 414 Amsterdam Avenue (80th) in March, according to DNAinfo. The prices run from $5 for a small to $13 for a large. The store layers scoops of gelato on top of each other to make the concoction look like a flower. So maybe we’re not seeing the end of the froyo-gelato craze — maybe we’re just getting more expensive varieties. See their fanciful gelato and hot drinks on instagram here.

A deli is set to open in the former home of Tani shoe store at 2020 Broadway (69th street), says tipster Lisa, who spoke to workers inside.

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    1. naro says:

      I am sorry but I dont understand why companies think about selling sugared sweets and ice cream when sugars and sweetners in general are known to be unhealthy-and people are becoming so health conscious.. Why are they wasting their money like that.

      • SarainMorningsideHeights says:

        I believe that ice cream parlors, bakeries, Italian restaurants (the gluten!) are all doing quite fine. Perhaps you don’t understand that these purveyors do not expect you to live on their product alone.

      • ScooterStan says:

        It’s called freedom of Choice.

        A rational person, well aware that sugared sweets and ice cream AND chocolate taken in excess can be fattening, will decide to (a) abstain; or (b) indulge.

        It is that person’s decision and (hopefully) no one is forcing him/her to decide one way or the other, just as (hopefully) the merchant is FREE to sell what he/she thinks will sell…without a Nanny-State government telling him what to do.

        History shows that a managed economy does NOT work, thank goodness!

      • Sprinkles says:

        Because not everybody wants to be miserable, and the vast majority of adults know how to control themselves and not eat the whole damn bucket in one sitting.

      • Finnegan says:

        Besides the obvious fact that we live in a market economy, gelato has significantly less sugar than traditional ice cream. It’s also lower in calories and fat (if that concerns you).

        There is absolutely nothing unhealthy about gelato when consumed responsibly. It also contains a well rounded nutritional profile, satisfies hunger and it’s delicious.

      • RK says:

        Allow me to direct you to the plethora of salad purveyors within blocks of the new gelateria.

    2. drg says:

      Its clearly the intense lobbying of Big Agro, to keep the corn subsidies and high fructose syrup flowing. Clearly should be outlawed. While we’re at it, maybe we should also eradicate sugar cane plants, cut down cacao trees. Maybe even throw Ben & Jerry into nutrition reeducation camp.

    3. Violet says:

      Amorino is amazing and worth every penny for the occasional treat. There are other locations in the city.

    4. Happy says:

      Amorino is absolutely the best gelato in the city. So excited it’s moving close by!

    5. UWS Dad says:

      This is great news about Amorino! There’s lots of them all over France and we always make a point of going whenever we are there on holiday. It will be a great replacement for the sadly departed Grom.

    6. denaliboy says:

      Anyone have info on the Orwasher scheduled to open on Amsterdam last month? Thanks

    7. Michelle says:

      I agree! Amorino is THE BEST gelato ever. Yaaaaaay!!!!!!

    8. 92nd street says:

      A real Deli?
      A true Deli?
      A Jewish Deli?
      The UWS could use a serious Deli in the same league as Sarges, Katz, 2nd Avenue, Pastrami Queen, Russ and Daughters, etc.

      That would be GREAT!

      (not a fan of Barney Greengrass)

      • AY says:

        Anyone have more info on this deli?

        • bugsy says:

          When it was Tani, it was only 35-40 feet wide and maybe 15-20ft deep. Unless there is a lot of extra space deeper in it is not very big for a business that needs to have lots of refrigeration.
          Looking forward to seeing how this turns out, a good deli is a wonderful thing to have.

        • Just Me Again says:

          Oddly, talking to the workers at this deli, they say it’s a “Korean deli”

          I’ve never been to a Korean deli and when I asked if it was specifically Korean food, they looked at me blankly. I asked if I’d be able to get other food staples such as milk or eggs and somehow I seemed to offend them because both of them just walked away. Thus, I suppose it’s a mystery until it opens.

      • EricaC says:

        How about Fine & Shapiro on 72nd? It is really kosher (so no milk for the coffee or cheese blintzes) but the pastrami sandwich I had was delicious and my son loved his matzoh ball soup and cherry blintzes. And the pickles were very good.

      • adam says:

        apologies in advance for being pedantic, but Russ and Daughters is not a deli; it’s an appetizing store.

      • UWSHebrew says:

        Barney Greengrass is wildly overrated. Take your average bagels and $20 egg omelet and shove it. If you want the best omelet in NYC that is on par with the best French-style omelet you could get in Paris, check out La Toulousaine at 106th and Amsterdam ($7.75 for an omelet, make one of your side choices the potatoes, you will not be sorry). Also for the next few days only (Chanukah), incredible jelly donuts at $1.75 each (the raspberry is to die for). I love this French bakery and am a regular, it is still a hidden gem.

    9. NDiF says:

      Yes, Amorino’s gelato is excellent!

    10. Sean says:

      Maybe it will be a nice 7/11.